New news on July 6

I open this post to discuss what could be announced on July 6. For my part, I would like it to be a DLC that includes two new civilizations or that you announce age of mythology 2.

in case we get a civilizations DLC these are the four that I look forward to the most: Persians, Japanese, Aztecs and Spain


Don’t get ur hope too high, you won’t be much disappointed. Aim for sth like taunt and cheat, or seasonal event xDDDD


seasonal event is too much for low expectation imo


If its not a new DLC then I will move back to AOE3


This new tweet confuses me because it does not mention Aoe 4 specifically.

Join us on July 6th at 10 AM PST / 17:00 GMT for an all-day event of trivia and fun on Twitter.

So i’m cautiously optimistic.

  • I don’t expect anything revolutionary till wololo ends but i stand to be surprised.

Don’t expect anything big as by their statement it doesn’t feel very AoE4 related.

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Be happy if it starts again. We might never see season 2 lol, this might be the end of AOE 4 because everyone realizes AOE 2 is still better after 23 years.


We already know when season 2 starts and what most of the changes will be from the PUP.

They are two different games, have two different player bases.

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It’s obviously aoe4 related. The fact you missed all the aoe4 images is hilarious :rofl::joy::rofl:

I’m hoping for a new civ DLC, but who knows… maybe it’s just about season 2. Hopefully there’s at least something useful

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Yeah Yeah Yeah, because of a 23 years old game with a crapload of copy and paste Civ must be a better game.


Two different games, of couse. Two different player bases? Partially. I’ve seen a lot of die-hard AoE 2 folks testing the waters with AoE 4 and going back. In a lot of cases that’s for the better, since we don’t want an AoE 2 clone, but others were wanting a fresh experience and came out unimpressed by the game.

AoE 4 could’ve pulled a lot more AoE 2 players had it been more polished from the start.


I think the hotkeys not being so unnecessarily different would have helped a lot. Even with the “fully remappable” hotkeys you can’t get anywhere near replicating AoE 2 hotkeys. So when an AoE 2 player tries 4, it’s going to be a clunky experience unless they commit a load of time to it, and in doing that they’ll lose their muscle memory for 2, so I think it’s understandable that a lot of people just stick with 2 when they realise all that.

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I play both about the same amount.

I don’t know about that though. A huge portion of the AoE2 playerbase would never switch to any other game no matter what. Some only even switched to DE after kicking and screaming for months ha.

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For sure, most AoE 2 players would only switch over their dead body (perhaps only if they got “AoE 2 in 3D”). I have always been an AoE 2 fan at heart and I was waiting for the next iteration to pull me out of it (AoE 3 was never my cup of tea). So, if I am one example, at least a small portion would’ve made the switch. So far that didn’t happen.

There are games that really sink the previous iteration, Relic’s own CoH 1 and CoH 2 come to mind. I don’t think anyone kept playing CoH 1 after CoH 2 was released.

AoE 2 is a weird case, it’s an outlier and a game that transcended common understanding of the staying power of a computer game. Few if any 20+ year games are played as much, while being virtually unchanged. Maybe Tetris?

Any news?? What was the twittee event about?

You asked for more civs, we heard you and we’re proud to announce you get a picture of a parrot!

I am overwhelmed with joy and cannot wait to play aoe4 again now.


Its very true that lot of things are in muscle memory and each player has their own way.


Lets be honest. Hotkeys regardless what they’re player can get used to them and learn them if they so desire. I have played thousands of WC3, SC2 games and while I do have very certain patterns in all and but I have no problems of switching to different RTS and learning new hotkeys. There is actually 1 bind that I always want to unbind regardless of game and its V because its my push to talk in discord, but outside of that I have never had any problems of getting things down in few hours. This same includes AOE4. I had no problems and other than checking the V keybind I don’t think I have changed any keys from OG settings.

If players complaint is that they can’t have AOE2 hotkeys in AOE4 and dont want to play the game they will find another reason why they don’t want to play AOE4 even if they could remap all the keys.While I fully support games where players have full control over their keybinds, it has never been enough reason for me not to play the game.


That tweet was not specificaly for Aoe 4.

The only news we have is this trailer: Age of Empires IV Season Two: Map Monsters Trailer - YouTube

  • Wich was well received by the youtube comunity it seems.

I don’t agree, it’s a huge negative for me, but I do play AoE 4. I just click on icons mostly because I don’t want to learn tens of hotkeys when I’m still hoping we’ll eventually be able to make them very close to AoE 2. I wasn’t even close to doing everything by hotkey in AoE 2 after hundreds of hours, there’s no way I can learn all the hotkeys in just a few hours and switch back and forth. You’re telling me that it only takes you a few hours to become completely instinctive with hotkeys for building every possible building, selecting every possible building, researching every possible tech, making every possible unit? That’s extremely impressive and I’d expect most people cannot do that in a few hours or even tens of hours.