New Ottoman Roster Notes

Consolidating findings on new Ottoman roster and perks for comments and use. Will be covering the initial and maximum stats with old and new techs/cards. Comments will be made for directly comparable units and performance vs target and counter units. Strategy theory crafting and battle simulations will not be added.

(hp-hitpoints, mr-melee resist, rr-ranged resist, sr-siege resist, rng-range, r-ranged attack, m-melee attack, s-siege attack , ms-movespeed, as -attack speed, Multi -multipliers)

Base: 210 hp, 20% mr, 12 rng, 20 r, 15 m, 25 s, 4 ms, 3/1.5 as
Max: 514 hp, 20% mr, 12 rng, 50 r, 40 m, 62 s, 4.4 ms, 3/1.5 as

Multi: x2 vs cav, x 1.5 vs shock infantry

Cost: 90/25 food/gold (72/20)

In head to head, its even with sepoys in a ranged fight and beats redcoats in ranged and melee while being cheaper than the standard musk. Still has lower damage output at range and vs cav than a regular musk but is a better melee unit - to the point of standing up to (non dutch) halberdiers. Now has access to a fencing school esque train time reduction, but all that extra power comes well into age 4. Overall, jans trade about -18% range damage for 20% less cost compared to some solid musks (sepoy, redcoats) and are much better in melee.

Base: 210 hp, 20% sr, 12 rng, 20 r, 15 m, 25 s, 4.25 ms, 3/1.5 as
Max: 514 hp, 20% sr, 12 rng, 50 r, 40 m, 62 s, 4.67 ms, 3/1.5 as

Multi: x2 vs HI in volley, x2 vs artillery/siege unit in stagger, x2.5 vs cav and x1.8 vs shock inf in melee and defend, 20 range in stand ground.

Cost: 60/70 food/gold (54/63)

Three odd things out the gate; 1) the extra +0.5/0.3 vs cav/shock inf is added to the ranged attack in defend mode instead of only to the melee attack, 2) CIR boosts infantry damage to x2 - meaning they hit heavy inf for a total of x4 atm, 3) shadow techs all the way to imperial. Somewhat low ranged damage like jans, is a 12 range skirmisher in volley mode, and has no melee resist for when cav reach melee. Still, has more range in stand ground to cover the lower range damage, kites almost all ranged infantry, obliterates heavy cav and can beat ranged cav with the range/hp diff. Loses horribly to skirms, beats xbows and almost all heavy units (and some siege).

Base: 110 hp, 20% mr, 16 rng, 8 r, 10 m, 18 s 4.5 ms, 1.5/1.5 as
Max: 269 hp, 20% mr, 16 rng, 19 r, 23 m, 42.3 s 4.95 ms, 1.5/1.5 as

Multi: x4/x3 vs cav/shock inf melee, x4/x3.5 vs ranged cav/ranged shock inf range.

Cost: 40/40 food/wood

New Otto infantry production boosts kick in age 4, so its a much needed heavy cav counter early on. Comparable to the best kind of pikemen vs cav and other melee units, and have a bonus vs ranged cav to keep them relevant in later ages. Have damage vs melee can comparable to tercios, but dont have the extra range with ups - not sure how much that matters. Lower hp, speed and siege attack means they’re alot worse than pikes at attaching towns. Ranged attack is about the same as an xbow, but the animation is slow so they cant kite until age 4.

Base: 315 hp, 20% rr, 25 m, 15 s, 6.9 ms, 1/2.5 as
Max: 740 hp, 10 % mr, 20% rr, 56 m, 34 s, 6.9 ms, 1/2.5 as

(x1.25 vs buildings)

Cost: 110/90 foog/gold

Trades about 2-3% hp for a net gain of +25% dps and +0.15 speed. Takes extra hits to kill light infantry, but beats other hussars (and variants) head on, including lifeguards and czapka. Kinda like a stonger Boyar.

Cavalry Archer
Base: 265hp, 30% mr, 12 rng, 13 r, 6.5 m, 8 s, 7 ms, 1.5/1.5 as
Max: 570 hp, 30% mr, 14 rng, 29 r, 15 m, 18 s, 7 ms, 1.5/1.5 as

Multi: x3 vs cav, x2.25 vs shock inf, x2 vs artillery (and vils) at range. x4.5vs cav, x3.5 vs shock inf, x2 vs artillery in melee.

Cost: 100/60 food/gold

Not as nuts as the new Russian cav archers, but still beats dragoons head on and still has the hp to as well as them vs skirms. Better than goos without micro and as meat shields for cannons since they do better vs heavy can in melee. Flight archery lets otto cav archers kite like goons in age 4, so they’re just all round better.

Abus Gunner
Base: 130 hp, 25% rr, 18 rng, 36 *r,10m, 15 s, 4 ms, 3/1.5 as
Max: 344 hp, 25% mr, 22 rng, 88 *r, 24 m, 37 s, 4.4 ms, 3/1.5 as
*ranged attack still does siege damage

x1.75 (x2.75) vs heavy inf, 0.5 vs heavy cav/ranged shock inf/artillery, x0.3 vs vills at range. x1.75 (x2.75) vs heavy infantry in melee.

Cost: 50/100 food/gold

Buffed in all categories, nerfed in cost. More durability, and net gain in base dps. Substantially more dps vs heavy inf and light cavalry - unlike skims, the light cav/heavy cav multipliers don’t interfere, so abus guns went from a net multiplier of x.75 to x1 and still bypass ranged resistance. Better dps/pop than pretty much all basic skirms.

Base: 225 hp, 30% rr, 20% sr, 14 rng, 18r, 2 aoe**, 30 m, 54s, 4.5 ms, 3/1.5 as
Max: 596 hp, 30% rr, 20% sr, 16 rng, 43 r, 2.5 aoe, 72 m, 138 (98) s, 4.95 ms, 3/1.5 as
**aoe - area of effect

Multi: x2.5 vs artillery, x0.5 vs cav and vils, x.03 vs shock inf at range. x2 vs artillery, x0.5 vs vils, x0.25 vs cav, x0.15 vs shock infantry

Cost: 110/75 food/gold

Higher base stats, range and speed than regular grenadiers, with more siege and anti artillery strength. They’re described as weaker vs infantry compared to standard grenadiers and accordingly have 0.5 less ranged aoe and no aoe at all in melee. They still have the lousy attack animation of normal grenadiers so the grenade launchers are pretty much mandatory - and so is the 2.5 aoe. For all that, its a unit with 16 range with a 43 siege damage aoe attack and 4.95 speed and that makes it alot better at kiting melee infantry than other grens. The only infantry that can catch them are pikes and rodeleros- which cant really beat them through the high hp and attack. They have better dps then even british grens, beat all grend head on and have an easier time vs xbows/strelets since they have the range/speed/hp to compensate for the lower range resist. On top of that, they can survive 32 hits from falconets in age 3 with relevent upgrades/cards and kill then in 4 shots. Overall, they stand in pretty well for falconets as an anti infantry/building unit compared to generic grens and beat the latter head on, so its a direct improvement with nary a downside.


Excellent analysis, very interesting to read. Just out of interest what makes russian cavalry archers good now?

I should mention that Nizam are currently bonkers when combined with counter-infantry rifling which gives them 2x vs infantry, which means that with their 2x vs heavy infantry you have quadruple damage vs heavy infantry instead of just 3 times.

Grenadiers were my go-to combination with jannisaries before the patch, since abus were awful and easy to rush down.

Humbaraci are now my go-to combination but I don’t think the grenade launcher is critical they’re still good without it. And now I don’t need as many culverines.

I’ve been using the grens too, really nice units. They are better with grenade launcher but still fine without it. You can’t kite like with abus though.

(post deleted by author)

So they have +5 base melee damage and 1 aoe splash on the melee attack from a new card. Thats almost a 77% increase on the base damage. Russian cav archers also get a royal guard upgrade and +10% hp from another card.

In the end, at max rank you have a light cav unit with the following stat line:

623 hp, 30% melee resist, 27 melee damage, 31 ranged damage 14 range, 7 speed, 1.5 attack rate and 1 splash in melee.

It gets crazy when you remember that cav archers have insane multipliers in melee; x4.5 vs cav, x3.5 vs shock inf, x2 vs artillery. They end up hitting heavy cav for 121 in an aoe. In return they have 30% melee resist on 623 hp and 7 speed. Now you can add sipahi and cuirassiers on the list of things they beat.

I dont know if they can abuse the aoe and base damage to go melee and rush a skirm mob - they have the stats and aoe now - but what I do know is that the Russian cav cannon combo just went nuts.

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With the older version of New Order Infantry, I was so scared of losing any nizams I mostly stayed in stand ground mode would switch to volley/defend mode against masses of melee inf. Now I’m happy to live and let die.

A btw, if you missed it in the wall of text, I covered the x4 vs heavy inf thing and also that they have 2.5 vs cav on their raged attack in defend mode too - its supposed to only be on the melee attack so be sure to abuse it before its hotfixed.