New Ottoman Shadow Nerf Discovered - Bug or more Otto hate?

So Ottomans got nerfed twice.

Having Improved Buildings moved to age 4.

And settlers no longer being made after their production time is complete when mosque upgrade to increase limit is complete.

Could mean the difference between 3 or 4 settlers being made, and not made.

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You mean you can no longer get more than 99 villies?
That sounds like a bug fix.

Literally no.

Say you have 4 TCs and you get the upgrade at the mosque to increase your settler limit from 45 to 70.

Even if the 4 settlers have completed production, they will start over again once the upgrade is complete.

Prior to this update, THAT was fixed - and now it’s back to where it was before.

Just perplexing how they got two nerfs and no rework or slight buffs where needed, yet Brits got buffs across the board instead.

That still seems like a bug.

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Well technically that feels right to me. If you don’t have the tech complete before the vil generation starts why should you get them.

How can you get the benefit of having something before it’s created? Conceptionally the vils qued were under the old techs limitations. Why should you get the benefit of the upgrade. When I research a wood tech do I get wood credited to me for the benefit of the tech from the time I hit the research button. No I don’t but that’s essentially what you are asking for

I think he means that before the patch the villagers would wait in “completed” state until the limit research would be upgraded. Similar to how factories will keep their heavy artillery waiting until pop is available.

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I get that but at that point he doesn’t have the tech to qualify to have them. Why should you retroactively get the benefit.

That doesn’t happen on any other researched tech that I can think of

I am pretty sure the villagers would just wait there to spawn until you increased the limit. This was introduced a few patches ago.

If that was the case it would be a benefit that no other civ gets. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong. Not all civs get the same advantages, that’s the game. However, it is far outside the realm of how all other techs are handled.

As i said, all units that get automatic spawning behave like this, since a recent patch.

That was how it was prior to a few patches ago and a welcome change. To reiterate, they made it so that anything that auto-generates over time but are limited by housing pop or research techs and are also “completed”, push through once the pop space or research tech increasing said limits are completed (like the ones at the mosque to increase settler production).

It was around before, and not around anymore. Trust me, it’s a bug.

Well it was essentially a buff for ottomans, being house locked wouldn’t put your economy back too much, but this really was only a buff at the lowest levels of skills. Any decent player would have kept pop space for the villager spawn.

Hello everyone, I can confirm that Town Center settler production ‘resetting’ once the build limit cap is increased is indeed a bug, and we are now tracking it internally. Thanks everyone for your reports. :+1: