New patch animal hitbox too large aka bad z-index

  • Info: When enemy villagers gathering food at the TC and you want to raid them, you can’t right click them anymore, because the dead animal bodies have a higher z-index.
    z-index = priority of objects in web design if objects are in the foreground or background. Or the layer hierarchy in Photoshop. I suggest adding a high z-index only for units that can actually do something with dead animal bodies.

  • Always reproducible

  • Any game mode

P.S.: Not tested but I think it can be also used by monks + relics, so enemies can’t right click him anymore and need the A-ttack move and hope he is the right one that get attacked.


Hey @ReXxxXuS! Have you noticed if this is live animals, carcasses, or both?

Good Morning @SavageEmpire566
I tested that and it looks live animals vs enemies react properly to the right click (sword attack icon).
Please see here:

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Thank you @ReXxxXuS! I’ll make sure the team checks this out.

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