New Patch - Delhi NERF (again?) What?!

Alsooo, morgen kommt das Update raus. Darunter Balance-Patch.

Ich sehe gerade, dass Turm-Kriegselefanten WIEDER generft werden?? Also jetzt mal im Ernst, dafür, dass sie sowieso mega teuer sind (1000 Ressourcen), eine kurze Reichweite haben UND übertrieben langsam sind, finde ich, dass die Spezialeinheit “Turm-Kriegselefant” sich nicht mehr lohnt. Die Gelehrten werden die Elefanten auch nicht mehr schneller heilen können. Das ist ein absoluter Nerf für Delhi. Delhi ist sowieso einer der schwächsten wirtschaftlichen Völker.

Warum sollte ich 1000 Ressourcen für eine EInheit bezahlen, die nur noch 600 TP hat und zudem schneller stirbt?

Was ist eure Meinung dazu?


I consider this nerf to be too much, the extra ranged armor does make them resist longbows better but other ranged attacks like keeps do kill them faster (as all melee units also will). Sadly people always will complain that scholars can heal them but instead of just adjusting the healing we get crippled elephants.

At least Beastyqt did also agree that the nerfs were too much, so hopefully pro players will also comunicate this to the devs. Delhi also get insanely low pick rate so most people will argue against Delhi without even touching them, so the disproportionate hate they get will probably not go away even with this change.


I used to like Delhi a lot in their initial state after the game launched. Then they made the infamous “stepped” research time increase through the ages and now I avoid them like the plague. Having basically no imperial techs unless you have like 1000 scholars garrisoned is no fun. Their remaining unique features are not that interesting or fun either.


Right on.
Does Delhi have a stellar high win rate?
Is Delhi’s pick rate incredibly high? (in fact: it’s still the LOWEST of all civs)
Then WHY the heck are they nerfing Delhi again?
Elephant is the one main symbol of (and motivation to play) Delhi… and you nerf it AGAIN, this time to oblivion?
If healing is annoying, nerf healing, not elephantos.


Yall ever heard of that 1000 resources unit called the bombard? The one unit that can get clapped by a few cav almost in an instant? Only has like 480 hp? Great range resist, but gets deleted of under a keep AND can get sniped by 2 culvs or 4 springs?

Also Beastyqt take on delhi is before he’s played the new delhi according to public knowledge, so its currently an inexperienced even for his standards.

Remember how before Beastyqt starting playing last patch, he jad french like a B tier civ?? But now about 3 weeks after that original patch that nerfed chivalry him and marinelord both conceded that french is S all by itself in this map pool??? And the ladder win rates also agree with their observation at every rank?

So I’d like to know what the actual win rates at decent levels becomes and experience opinions of pros.

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Also leider musste ich gestern feststellen, dass Delhi einer der schwächsten CIV geworden ist…

This we will see on Saturday and Sunday on road do wololo qualis.

I like to se at least 1 week post patch (any patch) before forming a conclision.

Day one patch conclusions can be wrong sometimes. Like chinese last patch.

Are you for real? You are comparing a unit that kills keeps in 4 shots by itself to an elephant? How does this even make sense?

Does bombard have the same role as a tower elephant?


Bomards do cost 400 wood and 600 gold (and take 3 population too), but yeah they have a completely different role and doesn’t really make sense to compare them. And even less sense considering the recent siege rework (less health).

Ich habe gerade gegen HRE im Late Game Ranked (DiamonD 1) gespielt. Keine Chance. Der HRE Spieler hat seine Waffenknechte gespamt. Meine Elefanten, Armbrustschützen und HanDrohrschützen hatten keine Chance. Zudem Der HRE SPieler mega viel Gold bekommen hat Durch 3 Relikte. Delhi ist viel zu schwach!!!

it makes no sense at all, here we have a civ that has zero possibility to win against any other civ once you go IMP and they nerfed it? who the fu%K is complaining that Delhi needs nerf, who the hell even picks Delhi. With every update that comes out it shows just how out of touch these devs are.

1000 resources for unit and it dies to units that costs 80 resources, this is just impressive. A damn human with a stick is beating the biggest land animal that’s apparently trained to kill. They just stand around with no trample damage? I swear AOE 2 has better units than this hot garbage we are stuck with.

Why would anyone pick Delhi now? not that anyone was picking Delhi before but apparently they needed the nerf. BUT HEY! the most picked civ and the most op civ lets nerf them 5% that’s will be enough. it’s just someone shooting in the dark with zero sense of what they are hitting if anything at all.


Endlich mal einer

bombard now has 240HP? one of the slowest units in game (0.62 tiles/s) , now it pretty exclusively has 1 job at 100 siege dmg (before uni tech which gives it 20 more dmg), on 10 range and 5.38s attack speed. And no, it doesn’t kill Keep in 4 shots? needs 10 shots.

What counters bombards? anything melee that can catch it; 4 springald shots; 2 culv shots.

Meanwhile Tower elephants have 600hp, 5 range, 15dmg by 2, 1.38s attack speed, can shoot and move (like only 1 other unit in game) and is often paired with the KEKW scholar healing. What counters Tower elephants? 120 crossbow volleys, 28 castle horsemen strikes, 25 knight strikes (assuming no charge dmg), 19 castle spearman strikes… which of these options is likely to happen in a standard fight?? Three of the options basically require a surround on a moving and shooting target?

Civ do NOT get a legit response to Tower Elephants until mass Handcannoneers or 5!! bombards (5000 resources…)


Oder es kommen 5 Spearman ( 400 Reessourcen) und töten Dein 1000 Ressourcen Einheit im Hand um Dreh :wink:

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Absolutely if you A move a Tower elephant into 5 spears the 5 spears will win with maybe 2 remaining!! But who sends 1 tower elephant to fight 5 spears? Who sends tower elephants anywhere without support? And who refuses to micro a unit that can shoot while scooting???

That’s kinda the issue with the counter system. The whole system more or less is balanced IFFF you do NOT micro (with the slight exception of crossbows vs heavy).

But several months back when spears got a bonus vs calvary, the devs said the reasoning behind the buff to spears was bc horsemen are so fast so they wanted the spears to do as mich dmg as possible fore the horsemen ran away!!!

Well along that same logic something needs to be done to balance the fact that tower elephants can move and shoot and scholars have uber healing and 130hp.

I would live the idea if spears and only spears could snare calvary!!! That would be a great counter to knight raids and tower elephants!!! Snare would cause a 20% speed reduction to inflicted calvary!!

What is needed here is some trample damage, if you are going to nerf a unique unit at least give that unique unit something fu*King unique. Give them trample damage so that melee units that attack take damage while attacking. right now there is no point in making elephants, absolutely a waste of resources. Way better option just going Knights with trash units. POINT IS THE CIV IS BORING TO PLAY NOW.


Da gebe ich dir vollkommen Recht.
Es würde allgemein Sinn machen, Speerkämpfer einen Effekt zu geben, wo sie Kavallerie stoppen, wenn sie die einmal angegriffen haben. Weil diese Kavallerie Anstürme sind meistens unhaltbar mit Speerkämpfer.
Aber dennoch ist es frech, dass ein 1000 Ressourcen Einheit schnell down ist.
Was sind bitte 600 PS?
Dann sollten sie die Produktions-Kosten auch senken.

if spearmen can hold cavalry that’s charging then elephants should have trample on infintry. One would think the only reason to get up on an elephant would be to step on the bastards 15 feet below but not in AOE4.


true… Ich hoffe, Dass sie das bald hinzufügen

Elephants already both have damage specific to being in melee range and that’s their 30 melee tusk attack. Also the war elephant has an 80 attack charge dmg that’s effectively trample dmg. i would like if the war elephant and ONLY the war elephants spear dmg worked exactly like a lansk and cleaves everything in front of them. And the war elephants charge should be reduced and also be a cleave.

The war elephants need help bc they get hard countered by crossbows bc they’ll never catch them AND even if the war elephant did catch the crossbow can only target 1 at time with zero bonuse. Next war elephants do kill cav effectively but the cav chooses the engagement which means the war elephants is predominately a defensive unit.

Heck!! These are the changes I’d make the war elephants.

20 cleave on a 1.25s attack speed (60 cleave dmg vs cav)
1.35 movement speed
80 charge dmg on first target and a cleave splash of 40 dmg (fire lancers treatment)