New patch is great but has some issues

overall, it’s a good patch but there are some questionable changes. players would really benefit from having developer notes in the patches detailing why these changes are being made.


why are the nerfs reverted rather than them being nerfed further? I don’t mind them getting a skirmisher and a potential new opening card as well as reworked logistician. I’ve long wanted to see green jackets available in age 4 for the British, though its slightly disappointing they stuck closer to standard skirmisher design.

but this civ is a contender for the strongest civ in the game, it should have been toned down as well in some other area such as starting wood. Virginia company should have been changed entirely, such as increasing wood cost of manors in exchange for another free villager or becoming a team manor shipment.

Maybe they are performing too poorly in tournaments or are failing frequently in quick search? could be that they are too terrible in treaty? without win rates and other information we can’t really tell. if a dev could share some insight into their thought process for the British such as a couple of sentences in the patch notes that would really shine a light on where they stand and why they are getting buffed.


I don’t mind that you are nerfing their signature strategy, but they need something else in return. as it is your just making their best strategy worse without offering some alternative. even simple things such as reducing rodelero cost by 5 gold for better age 2 gameplay or giving them an age 4 infantry combat card that also grants them ranged resist would give them more reasons to play the civ outside of its age 3 potential while reinforcing a heavy infantry focus. go further and add lancers in age 2 with reduced infantry multiplier and the civ becomes so much more than a strong ff and not much else on land maps.

I don’t want to see Spain become one dimensional like otto felt like, there should always be multiple viable ways for a Spanish player to succeed regardless of the map or matchup. each method having its own advantages/ disadvantages but none being significantly stronger or weaker than the other means Spain’s viability would no longer be tied so closely to the power of its ff.

the peru nerfs are also going overboard, are they so strong now to deserve these nerfs?


I’m assuming the nerfs are treaty focused, can they get some love for supremacy as well? they are not fun to play currently, they need a boost in the form of revamping leather cannons, giving them better age 2 options such as new merc cards and food cost pikes/xbows, and something to look forward to in age 3/4 if you last that long with powerful one time shipments of mercs, natives and a repeatable pike–>halberd tech from the tc.


can we get insight on why you are moving building hp to age 4? otto need to be more than a one-dimensional civ by adding more viable playstyles and gameplans. it’s not great to feel limited in your options and to be so map dependent to reasonably succeed. if you nerf boom/turtle otto, they should get something else in return to open their options such as moving silk road into church card and cheaper food cost nizam tech for fewer nizams, jan cost reduction card reducing infantry train time, new native and mercenary shipments, and age 2 cavalry hp/damage cards.

also is it really fine for the state of balance for bowriders to beat abus with half their hp left? when your only option seems to be double rax all in and pray, there is something extremely wrong with the matchup.


Koxinga nerfs are too harsh for a card that should feel like a payout for making it that long. German consulate nerf is also too harsh. a better nerf would be to make the war academy cost 250 wood just like African war camps or increase village cost to 200 while nerfing their hp to make them more vulnerable. this way the Chinese are less effective in general without overtly targeting a specific strategy and limiting their options.


the Lifidi nerfs are too much, they are being hit in too many areas. either the cost increase or the card changes should go through, not both.


can you explain what your goal with this unit is? when exactly do you want to see players make Zouaves, and when it should not succeed. I don’t understand the reasoning or purpose behind it.

can you revamp jat lancers and arsonists while your at it? they are truly terrible.


glad to see its finally here. hope to see it added to the Spanish, French and Ottomans eventually as well as they also used heavy first-rate man o wars. a water overhaul focused on fun and interactive gameplay would be even more welcome though.

everything else seems solid and heading in the right direction.


it’s a pup not a patch, so nothing is concrete. They gave china an extra goat last pup before removing it at the patch, more testing will be done before this will be offical.


Hausa don’t need any more nerfs. Moving building hp to age 4 for otto is also bad because an age 4 card should be worth 1600 res so unless they buff the card significantly it should be back in age 1. Lowering swede vill pop seems too much, the merc changes alone were enough.

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The Kongxiga card is a terror in lower level games tbh, you can just spam merc shipments and get a near unkillable death ball that can go toe to toe with maxed out imp armies. combined with the instant heal wonder that china get it makes them very tanky. then just spam the rattan shield shipments to get pop-free anti artillery.

When you say make it that long but with a decent build you can get it out by about 10 mins currently so its not really a lategame reward.

The German consulate nerf feels like basically nothing tbh, it may slow down scalling a bit which is good but in practice it increase food cost by about 11 for the most used armies in age 2 then before which is basically nothing tbh

edit: the merc army also get exponentially stronger on maps with archer upgrades, so a ROF nerf is sort of the only way to combat that aspect of it

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I wonder if it will get further developed in a rework to make it worth 1600 resources. I’ve never seen a match where it was used. If it’s a FI thing then it won’t matter it’s age 4. Just bizarre

They are ridicoulously strong for a 2pop unit currently, and weird with that age V USA card from aging up. That card has to be nerfed to do it limited. Getting 50 zouaves is not a good idea.

The zouve is basically a musket with range HP and faster speed, if they are in numbers they are pretty devastating but no civ can actually mass them effectively.

The change is probably in the right direction, with some further tweaks to cost tbh. The cost needs to be low but their longer viability could be lower with things like increased pop


USA can. They get an infinite card that send +1 zouave each shipment with the same cost and without limit of zouaves. All USA players need to do is spam canons until 199 and send 20/30/… zouaves. As they dont need to train costly units their eco only grows.

British didn’t need a nerf in the first place. VC got nerfed by lowering house xp bonus, so they actually hit their boom fairly hard.

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VC didn’t need a nerf. But Brits absolutely do.
House cost buff (140->135 in PUP) has to be reverted. They shouldn’t be allowed to age up so early and have the best possible crate start in the game where you can go tp/market, houses for the lols.
Take away 100f too.
They are in a tier of their own presently. And please, Greenwich Time shipment needs to get a serious overhaul or be taken away entirely if it isn’t possible to do so.