New patch

RIP early ez boom vs early aggresion.

I love aggressive play that start in dark age. Scout harrass TR bbq spearman villager fights, even french knight harrass( hate playing against it!!! But love the concept). It’s all efforts to keep the game honest and strategic.

IMO no opener should be inherently safe. So the less garrison room in the main TC means when heavy units run by your main you’ll have to have other means of pulling your villagers to safety. I like this!! People are not realizing this but all these defensive merfs are DIRECT nerf to the most aggressive designed civ in game… the MONGOLS!!! EARLY HORSEMAN rush will be meta especially TC and towers are weaker and ppl will NOT standardize opening darl age barracks. Also unguarded defensive towers will burn!!! More free bounty

please, explain to us how the tower elephant has less range than zhuge nu, mangudai, horse archer, camel archer, grenadier :slight_smile:

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They nerffed but made it easier to use with auto target, but im still worried they did too many nerfs on single thing. Like outposts. While I hardly use them in early or mid game still it just makes my own job easier with lancer rush. don’t need to worry about them anymore as much just can over run them so easily now

TR for china is still slive snd well AND the cheaper rams and weaker defenses and the cheap and fast spear upgrades all marry together well!!! I steam rolled a french player on altai, diamond 1 player. You’ll notice the increase however chinese build so fast that IMO it doesnt matter!!!

I predict tower rush china will climb to 3rd win rate given all the buffs to aggression!!

Honestly, after playing a few games in the new patch i really loved what the devs did.
At least in my opinion i feel there is now a good balance between attacking and deffender advantage, i have played in both positions
Rams are now viable, they are much easier to make now which means you can easily punish someone who is going too greedy. However the auto targeting makes so deffending becames so much easier as i can focus all my attention in microing other things.


Landmark Outposts bugs remained(?), but thankfully a good patch