Hi friends,

I’ve been playing AOE 2 HD since the january DLC because my Win 8.1 Laptop won’t run DE anymore. I’m tired of playing HD though, so I’m thinking of either buying an older Tower or updating my 2014 Laptop.

My current specs are: (Laptop Name: Medion Akoya e6412t)
Intel® Pentium® 3558U Processor and Intel® HD Grafik
(1,70 GHz, 2 MB Intel® Smart Cache)
Ram: 8gb (updated from 4gb)
64bit Win 8.1
Direktx: 11

I was thinking of upgrading it to Win 10 with software that is to be found online for about 20/30€ and maybe getting an SSD to ease the processing time.

But does that really make sense? Or should I just invest in a used gaming Tower with Win 10 off of eBay for 200/300 bucks?

I really only wanna play DE or some other older games, like AC Unity maybe, I’m not up to speed with the new games anyways.

Unfortuanetly I’m pretty boomerish when it comes to PC stuff, so I have no idea what is worth it here.

Would be great if someone could help me answer this and help me get back onto Ranked Games!
Thanks in advance!!

do you use your pc for anything else? how long do you want this pc to last you?

now that win11 is out and because of the TPM requirement you may find a lot of pc cpus/mb/ram combos coming up on ebay that are around 5 years old

i’m using an i7 3770k so fairly old with a gtx 980 which is good enough to play aoe 2 de and aoe4 at 1440p res

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