New Player mode - The Menagerie - What I'd like to see

Imagine if the game ever grew to large numbers, we could have several different multi-player lobbies:

Standard mp
Competitive mp
Co-op mp

But the one I’d most enjoy is one I’m calling the Menagerie. Yes the name could be better but it sounded medieval to me and I like it well enough.

The Menagerie - a random specialized queue (mp or solo) with each game introducing one major random tweak that will greatly effect player strategy through buffs, limits, upgrades, etc. Here’s my first crack at the idea:

  • a priest convert/heal mode buff (from another thread)
  • Man Down - one unit type missing - no horse/calvary or no Archers etc
  • Super Villagers - a build/gather buff
  • Villager limit with auto respawn
  • Voodoo priestess - revival buff aka zombie buff
  • Holy Ground buff - area around temple buffs combat, temples cost more

I think that’d be amazing fun, and could easily be competitive mp, co-op mp against ai, or solo play against ai. They could also release game buff variations in keeping with the seasons or holidays. It’d be a ton of work no doubt but could be a really interesting game experience.

How about you, what one random tweak would you add to the Menagerie’s game queue? And remember one major tweak per game only.

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