New Portuguese teambonus

Love your latter change!

We have to remove all these tiny meaningless bonuses, especially on civs with a heavy identity crisis. Stone-less outposts is quite dramatic and a big changer in playability.

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Pretty sure it’s ballistics for gunpowder, which is actually decent.

30% faster techs isn’t meaningless, it’s good, the team bonus should be changed to outposts cost no stone, like I suggested. The problem is that Portuguese are kind of bland as a whole, which is why 30% faster techs seems worse.

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What is this obsession with stoneless outposts? I mean people don’t usually build outposts in feudal age because town watch is enough and after that 5 stone stone is basically free anyway.

I guess the faster techs bonus does suck because at lower ELOs no one is going to mount a perfectly timed assault that will take advantage of the fact they have their techs like 10 seconds faster, and at higher elos there are other, better ways to achieve better timings.


It heavily depends on the elo.

on low/medium-elo (i guess including everything up to about 1.8k 1v1), you’re right.
Above that, players often use attack ground anyway, because ballistics is only useful if the target does not change direction - which, considering how long a bbc shot takes to arrive, is very unlikely.


Obviously not BBC, but HC and Organ Guns will be improved again anything trying to run past if it isn’t being actively microed or the opponent doesn’t realize Arquebus is in.

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Arquehus was op for a months or so when African kingdoms releases, that is when it turned your bbt and BBC almost into Spanish galleons level fast bullets.

Maybe the legends from those awesome times still fiv arquehus this reputation as being good.

Its actually a ■■■■ and expensive tech. Compare that to furror celtica or mongol siege speed, or Ethiopian siege aoe for a tually good techs

For a gunpowder civ, they have 0 gunpowder civ bonuses.
Yes a unique tech and UU, but no civ bonus baseline like all other gunpowder civs
Awuebus should be a civ bonus for sure.

Then they could get a new imp UT called reconquista


Actually, I think 2nd projectiles of organ gun deserve to be stronger, considering other gunpowder units are stronger and no min range. Castle age organ gun is fine. But imperial Portuguese rely more on cavalier and arbalest with 20% gold discount. New UT may affect the 2nd projectile to hit 2 more units behind the target.

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This is what the tooltip says, but in reality we don’t exactly know the mechanics behind it, do we?
Even more, since the buff of gunpowder units’ projectile speed the extra accuracy matters imho even less, and most important, the problem of gunpowder is not accuracy, it’s the extreme overkill and niche use.
In the case of Portuguese, HCs are discouraged even more since they have 20% cheaper, fully upgraded archers.
Basically Arquebus it’s win more tech good if you managed to mass a significant number of Organ Guns, which are less niche than HCs.

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It does do ballistics, and the speed boost isn’t really a big thing in terms of effect, especially for BBCs and BBTs. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not terrible for HCs and Organ Guns, but the ballistics part is better I think. I literally didn’t even realize it did a speed boost until today.