New post-game stats request

There are a couple of key statistic that would help people improve their game-play and might also provide crucial balance insights. These could be graphs or just the final value at the end.

The two graphs I would like to see in post-game are:

  1. Return on Investment - this can be calculated with All Resource Gathered / Cumulative Economic Score
  2. Military Return on Investment - this would be calculated with Cumulative Military Score / Cumulative Economic Score

The Scores need to be cumulative, because the desired information is that of resources / unit output gained per resource invested into economy, regardless of whether or not the investments can be maintained.

It would also be nice if a conversion were made in calculating scores from resources to base-villager seconds required to gather a resource. Edit: this conversion would only be useful for economic score, since economic score in this context measures investment. Wood is a heavier investment than coin, but in terms of unit output, they weigh the same.

Thoughts? Anybody else feel like they’d be able to utilize this information?