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This cant be happening…

Delhi was always strong but struggled due to bugs. Now that some of the bugs are fixed (maybe all?) they show how broken they can be

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How can HRE be A tier(BeastyQT), with the lowest winrate in the highest elo? Hell its between 7 and 8 in most other elos too. Only exception is lowest elo. Not saying they are trash, you can absolutely win with them but in my eyes they could be improved, a few tweaks. Same goes for abbasid, some tweaks and their placements should change.

BeastyQT feels like an outlier in the list but he’s also rocking the highest rank of all of them in a quite consistent way. But for me, the others make more sense, like I can’t get English A and Dehli C.

I’m really eager to see the Abbasid buffs and hope this is rather a subtle rework, not only shifting some prices and stats. Seen a lot of great Ideas around here.

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I believe beastys tier list is more of “potential” and not necessary the current state of civ.

Its a fact that HRE is insanely strong with 3 relics and swabia. Probably best late game civ. But issue is reaching that and to do so you need to be skilled enough which beasty sure is

I mean he put china s tier aswell so he weighs lategame definetly more than the other lists.

Yup and thats a issue. Sure both civs china and HRE are really strong in late game, but issue is if player can get there? If they cant then civ just falls flat

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In my opinion abbasid will be A tier if they adjust landmark victory AND frontload more camel traits/make them much much much cheaper. Fully upgraded camels combo basically have little counter cost for cost.

Crossbows, camel archers, horsemen, camel riders with some seige for crowd control.

Fully upgraded there is no direct counter to this combo…but it takes a billion years to get all those upgrades and somehow you need to find other ways to stay alive that long…

Solution: nerf the Fully upgraded :camel: but frontload some perks such that the camels are useful and effective in battle instantly. For example the 15% camel speed buff needs to be moved to feudal age and camel riders need a charge speed boost like any other melee calvary. Likewise camel riders cost as much as knights so give camel riders base armor or male the unit cheaper.

Lastly make it for all civs if all landmarks are destroyed that you get a 2min countdown to rebuild at least 1 landmark back to 100% or you lose.


Y don’t you guys just go check this web, but go watching those videos? Data would not lies.

Btw Rus RIP

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Rus are not bad at all, on high levels they are only behind the French.


Rus was God like, however it become a mortal now


They still have some landmark bugs tbh .