New prefered map system question

As I understand if you put prefer on let’s say arabia and the other person for some reason puts the star on Islands the system chooses randomly between those 2 maps. Now what if I banned islands cause I don’t want to play islands and the other opponent bans Arabia cause he doesn’t like it either, the system chooses betwen any other map not banned by either of those players, right? I think that would be the smart choice to avoid most altf4s, hope it works like that.


We dont have the full details but this i my interpretation of the new upcoming rules:

Bans will be still applied. In you example: The system can neither pick Arabia or Islands. So no favorite is allowed to be picked. So the system would just pick a random map from the map pool without ban.

So my guess will be the same as yours.

That is how people expect it to work.

Btw on aoezone someone cited the following part of the announcement:

The game will try to match you with someone else who shares that preference.

I’m not sure where they got that from and maybe the original post was edited to avoid misunderstandings because that could be read as to the matchmaking system chooses your opponent based on potential shared map preference. I don’t think this is what the update will bring but that’d be a great thing!

Can a dev confirm this? I had exactly the same question.

You mean the ban or the preference thing? Former: Bans are still accounted for, you won’t play a map that you banned even when your opponent is prefering it. Latter: Pretty sure it only compares prefered maps after two players are matched.

i must say i really enjoy this “preferred map” option…

had a megarandom TG, where everyone went random civs as well… was chaos… we all started with feitoras even though none of us were porto

It doesn’t seem to be working that well, at least not in team games from what I’m seeing. I very rarely get the preferred map I have picked, and I have changed the preferred map just to test it.

i almost only play TGs, 2v2 though. if you’re playing in larger teams map bans might be overriding you.

my preferred map is megarandom in TGs, i had it 3 times in a row yesterday. preferred only increases the odds of you getting your map, but theoretically you could never get your preferred map. since it doesnt track whether you have had your map before or not, it just RNGs whether you get it or not. like flipping a coin. you could theoretically get heads 1 million times in a row

and thats not even taking into account that map bans could mean you have zero odds of your map if everyone hates it

That’s probably it, I only play 4v4s, so obviously the greatest chance of preferred map being banned by someone else.

Tbh, it doesn’t really matter that much now to me. I don’t know what they did with the changes and improvements to map generation this patch, (which is in the notes), but almost all maps seen fine to me now to play on (spread of resources, placement etc. is alot fairer and balanced).