New PUP native system and new ideas

Although a new system has been implemented, that works basically as a discount (100f and 100w instead of 200w and no building time from a villager or explorer), what about being able to train units (but not techs) without building a TP? Suddenly controlling them would be more important.

Another idea could be replace the useless Inventor Age II politician to a TP wagon that can be built only on Native TPs or something like that. Also some of the most useless native cards like Native Warriors, Native Lore or Blood Brothers could ship a Native TP wagon, or increase slighty the build limit.

All this discussion tied to balance, to make native builds viable besides some civs that can go with them (USA, Inca or French) but not OP and the best BO.


I’ve been suggesting this for over a year: The Ambassador, The Translator, The Native Trader, The Envoy, The Diplomat…
In the hopes of being implemented I hope the politican is a native woman. I really think we should replace “The Inventor” in Age 2.

I fail to see how that would make them more important? Can you explain to me? It would make it worse in my point of view because half their power would be in reach without ever building a NTP.

Yep. Those cards need some love.

  • Advanced Trading Post could apply the same effect to Native Embassy as well. But the devs went with a general effect in the latest PUP;
  • Native Lore has had room for plenty of good and interesting effects…but the devs nerfed it for no reason at all last month. (Actually, it was because of a random european house tech. SHOULDN’T the cost of THAT TECH be tweaked instead of nerfing a 14-year old global card? Go figure…smh)
  • Native Warriors Combat used to be a very good card (+25% atk and HP) but the devs nerfed it and moved to a cluttered AGE 2 slot because of Incas. Shouldn’t Incas be tweaked instead? Or have this card removed from their deck? Smh
  • Blood Brothers is a late card but I can think of good perks for it.

All this discussion tied to balance, to make native builds viable besides some civs that can go with them (USA, Inca or French) but not OP and the best BO.

This is the biggest sin of some D.E. civs’ design: they are designed to deal with everything, which makes using natives completely irrelevant.
Natives shipments should cost food & wood like they do for USA and Mexico. I’m not sure why they made the lives of US and Mexico easier and didn’t implement that to all civs. It could make a whole difference.


Getting a NTP then would be useful to improve them and to take the tech. But it could be balanced around having only half the limit build of the units.

I still don’t understand. :confused:

How would that make people want to build a NTP then, if they already can do that and much more NOW and they won’t?

Can you be a little more specific? I genuinely want to understand your pov.

Well it’s a concept of design.

What I mean is that just capturing with the flag (with the current PUP mechanic) could allow some kind of immediate benefit, but not the full potential of the tribe. How much that gives you is a matter of balance and design, wether is only be able to train the native units or only half of the build limit.

The benefits are be able to train units without barracks and houses as soon as reaching age II. Then some BO can be built around that, so investing in natives cards is worth again, controlling the sites to deny to the enemy becomes also important.

Other ideas are welcome OFC.

They should get rid of the old style of building on the socket entirely and have just this new way of forming the alliance.

“Capturing” the socket should also be limited to only heroes and civilian units (explorers, villagers, scouts, healers, envoys, etc). Establishing an alliance is done by diplomacy, not marching an army past. It would also give more utility for scouts and healers.

Converting the socket could also be made a more active process and a native representative could be standing where the socket is and could require interaction. Once the alliance is established, an embassy could be the building that represents the relationship.

Trade Post wagons could be changed to Trade wagons to preserve the cards for them. Trade wagons could build on trade routes as now but also have the option for a one time resource exchange at native settlements. The exchange could consume the wagon and grant a resource mix like 50 wood, coin, food, and experience/export/influence. I think that would be more useful than the current wagons which are totally useless once all the posts are claimed.

Advanced Trade Posts could be changed to also affect embassies and reduce alliance costs to compensate.


Yes. I don’t understand why they reduce the impact of the cards only because in some very specific situations they affect the balance.

I think it would be ideal to move that ‘random mercenary’ buff to age 4, instead of reducing a barely used card. XD