New Quit game colddown rule is a shit

i just quit 2 teamgames which one of our team had disconnect at gameload。
then i get 5 mins colddown。
is that mean i must play a game with 3v4? why i had suffer this?


devs,did u ever consider about actual situation in game?
2 of enemy team quit and i had waste 15mins to defeat them?or just get fuk 10mins cold down?

Should be if a player drops while loading the game should become unranked.

any devs play the game?

this time,enemy surrender at game start twice,then i just quit before game result come out,then i just get the fuk 10mins cold down。 are u kiding me?

Obviously they don’t play it, hence they don’t consider such scenarios.
Aoe4 as a whole makes is VERY obvious that the devs (at least the ones who make decisions) do and did NOT play the aoe series and are not familiar with it.
They execute coding job, but have no clue what is important for the game and what should NOT be part of it.

Furthermore, they seem super understaffed for this project.
Hence the patches come in at snail-tempo.
Something that should be fixed in days, is fixed in months, if even.
Many problems from beta are still there, even though being reported over and over.

Is there surrender button like in coh2 or not yet ?

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Cooldown should apply to only the first teammate leaving. Once one leave its expected everyone else will…

again! 1 ot my team quit at gameload,then i quit and get 5 mins colddown
haha,i dont think i had duty to play a rank 3v4,

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how could i get 20mins colddown,and my recently record is win?

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Really, I’ve had enough of this situation. I entered the multiplayer queue, waited for a few minutes, and a pop-up window appeared informing me that I couldn’t join the game. I re entered the multiplayer queue, repeated twice, and I got a 15 minute cooldown: