New Random Map idea: Ushguli

Basically, the idea behind Ushguli is that each player starts with three houses with towers next to each, and their starting village is somewhat loosely sandwiched between two large hills (representing mountains). However, the rest of the map is quite open.

The map itself is sort of a hybrid of Fortress, Arabia, and Kilimanjaro, as players can choose to either go for open gameplay or more closed-off walling. I think it would be an interesting map.

Of course, the inspiration behind the map is the community of mountain villages in Georgia called Ushguli. The villages in that community are part of the inspiration for my Caucasus architecture in the Feudal Age, and also greatly influenced my civ design for the Georgians, with a big focus on towers.


My prediction this will favor Burgundians, Poles, and Cumans. free towers allow you to defend with little to no army while focusing on eco and the openness favors a calvary late-game composition. you could consider Koreans for the tower upgrades and Mayans for being able to produce a villager right away. an issue you might have is the spawn of tower about resources giving certain players unfair advantages.

I like the idea (and generally like map concepts loosely based on real places). I might have a go at making it, although won’t have the opportunity for a while.

I’m not sure about the best choice for the resource and tower placement. Having towers protecting houses might not be so useful, since people don’t usually attack houses much. On the other hand, placing them next to resources could shut down early aggression completely, and I’m not sure how desirable that is.

I think this map should have more starting villagers than usual, to balance this out a bit.

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That’s just an aesthetic choice to represent the tower houses of Ushguli. It has no real gameplay significance.

Maybe there can be a bit of separation between the standard resources and the tower houses.

Good idea. That will make it a bit more similar to Fortress and Michi as well.

Please let me know when you finish it!

we also could surrounded the towers by rocks to prevent walling or put them on cracked terrain.

That would benefit the Chinese. honestly I would just remove the extra villager Its a map dependant bonus if you got a castle or a house or no scout, or a horse instead of a scout you get an extra villager at the start. if you are housed you just get instant looms.

I did! For anyone interested, here it is:


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I played two games on it. It’s a very well-made map!

The towers make scouting inherently risky, and raids have to be approached differently.