New random pick system

Many times we are on doubt at what civ to pick and don’t want to be consumed by the doubt, so it’s when the random pick kicks in, used by many people on Aoe2( i don’t know about other games)on custom games and even on ranked, which is somehow a flex on pro tier of aoe2 where most of pros use it for being able to be prepared for any civ match up. This feature is already being requested here but I would like to propose a more complex random system.
In my opinion would be interesting to have a random pick pool, for example, suppose that i don’t want to play delhi or english, in this system i would remove these from the random pool. This feature would allow us to make a random system where a civ wouldn’t be repeated, would be able to make a random pool for land map, water map, civs that we are not on the mood to play, civs that are considered weak at the current patch , and so on. It’s something not hard to program and a cool feature in my opinion , what do you guys think?


A random map generator is also required.

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Yes absolutely, all the random options. Random civ, random map, especially random AI in skirmish so you don’t have to pick who you play against. That seem ike an easy addition and one that would go along way. Great game, really happy with what we have so far, looking forward to more!

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