New Resource Spawn behaviour is killing early game

PLZ Devs return the resource spawning behaviour back to normal. The new 90° around your TC in straight lines is just the biggest BS in a very long time.

  1. It kills early scouting as you always know where to look now.
  2. Berries always spawn 4-6 tiles next to the tc so makes them super safe vs. any kind of agression
  3. Also scouting your enemy is now way to ez as you just need to follow the line after finding one of his res (gold, stone, deers) to find his base.
  4. Makes laming also more ez as you can find your and his sheeps/boars faster.
  5. On maps like Arena/Hideout ect. it makes the res cluster way more so sometimes a forward can block like 80% of your res.
  6. It also feels like boars do spawn way more often behind woodlines thx to that to and as they are now 90% of the time together you will have 2 bad boars spawns.

Here for clarification:


This is a step away from RMS which is core of AoE. You find your ressources every time and your opponent as well, he can tower you without scouting since he knows a crucial ressource is either north or west of your base.

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wow thats nuts … i never realised it…

omg i hate it when this happens…

If this is really a new thing, I’m going to vommit.

It is since the patch, when they announced that ressources why not spawn in a shared place together, just open as I did the scenario editor and go through arabia gens, they are all crosses.

Viper in g1 in the Yo Viper showmatch of t90: Look, funny how our main golds are directly in one line :smiley: Well, he just started playing this patch recently, he is forgiven.