New revolutions

I like what they did on DE to the revolutions, it’s far better than in the original games. Now the revolutions make more sense for each civ and they have deeper mechanics. However, I still think there are a few missing ones that could be interesting to add to the game:

Greeks (Ottomans, Italians and Maltese): They can train fire ships and armatoles (light infantry)
Norwegians (Swedes): Norwegian sharpshotters (unique skirmisher)
Belgians (Dutch and Germans): Garde Civique (Light infantry)
Cossacks (Russians): They can train Cossack Daredevils and tabors (wagons)
Brethren of the Coast (French and Dutch): A true pirate revolution with all the stuff you can expect: buccaneers, pirate ships, etc.

Some of these revolutions could be implemented in future European civs. For example, the Poles could have the Cossacks, and maybe the Brethren of the Coast (for the Curonian colonies). The Danes could have the Norwegians and also the Brethren of the Coast too.


Gold Coasters (Portuguese, Dutch, Swedes and Germans): It could be comprised of former slaves from the Gold Coast, which had colonian outposts from many European nations


Gold Coasters sounds like a bad idea for a Revolution…

Why do you think so? I actually was 50/50 on whether I should include it on the post or not. I found strong cons for its inclusion. I’d like to see you objections, in case they are similar to mine.
I ended up including them because many European Empires had colonial holdings there and we wouldn’t have to see more countries with revolutions that don’t fit them at all (like Peru for the Portuguese or Hungary for the Maltese, for example)

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It’s mostly because there was never a revolution of the Gold Coast in the XIX century, nor any independence movements . If the point was replacing some revolutions that didn’t fit a civ (like Peru with Portuguese), there are others that could fit just as well (in the case of Ports, the Federal League [aka the precursos to Uruguay] or even the Canadians, p.e.).

Fair enough, that is similar to what I thought.

However, while that proposal could indeed work for the Portuguese, it wouldn’t fit the other civs (like the Swedes or Germans), what option would be better for them?

However, I forgot to mention that the Ashanti did indeed fight an independence war againt British Gold Coast. So it wouldn’t be as out or place as I thought first.

Maybe I could just change the Gold Coasters for the Ashanti

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I would just make Liberia a stand in for all the gold coast colonies. It was kind of artificial and hypocritical, but it was also independent of foreign colonial rule so it has that in common with other revolutionary nations.

Akan (Ashanti) should be a standalone civ, not just a revolution.

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The problem with Liberia is that it would have nothing to do with any of these mentioned nations. I shouldn’t have included that idea in the thread, since it has derailed the topic more than expected. It may be better to scrap the idea altogether and find new revolutions for the Swedes and Germans instead.

For the Germans the only one that really comes to mind is Switzerland, but I’m not really that convinced either. It may be a bit of a stretch.

Another option to consider could be the Livonians.

I don’t see it as any weaker case than Portugal having Indonesia as an option because of their nearby colony in Timor. And it’s certainly a stronger connection than Malta having Hungary or Italy having USA as options.

As a country founded as a republic free from direct colonial control, Liberia has a lot in common with other “revolutionary” nations that arose out of former colonies. Nearly all the revolutions are counterfactuals to some degree, so creating a Liberian revolution available to countries in the region isn’t out of place. A lot of potential countries like Poland or Denmark had almost no colonial presence other than a few African outposts, so Liberia could be a useful option for them.

I don’t think Switzerland is a good revolution option especially not for Germany. It was independent until some French Revolution shenanigans.

For a new German revolution, Ukraine/Cossacks are a good option. The Austrians had significant holdings in Galicia.

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Canada for Ports? What?

Also, I don’t know enough about them to actually suggest something, but I’d love the Egypt rev to have an actual unique unit (since Mamlukes and Stradiots are mercs, aka not unique).

And shouldn’t France get Belgians as well?

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Actually, my reasoning for the Swiss goes much earlier in the timeline, to the Swabian War.

Indonesia for Portugal does make a lot of sense, since they had controlled many territories there before the Dutch took over.Besides, the distinction between Indonesia and Timor Leste is a modern thing (even part of the island of Timor is part of Indonesia today).

Although I do agree that there are still some revs that make little sense, like Hungary for Malta, as you mentioned.

Although the major Belgian revolts were against Austria and the Netherlands, they could also be available for the French as well, since they weren’t particularly happy with the French occupation.

Both Japan and India have cards that spend resources turning villagers into military units, and hope to add a similar card to China, such as the Taiping Rebellion or the Boxer Rebellion.

forty seven ronin

sepoy resistance


Greeks as revolution with another age up that either turns it into Kingdom of Greece or into the Byzantine Empire.


Labrador was named after explorer João Fernandes Lavrador and you also have other Portuguese explorers of the area today known as Canada like João Álvares Fagundes and the Corte-Real family (Gaspar Corte-Real was responsible for naming it Newfoundland [Terra Nova]). There were also several fishing colonies established by the Portuguese (together with the Spanish) in Newfoundland, most of them being abandoned by the XVI and XVII centuries.

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I can see some justification based on the Swabian war, but it was also more of an expansion of Switzerland, not the formation of it.

“Indonesia” is a modern thing. It consisted of many independent sultanates like Arch, Ternate, Tidore, and Yogyakarta that were united by the Dutch, and many like Timor and Malacca that weren’t.

There’s just as strong a case for Portugal getting Canada as an option because of their Labrador colonies.

Personally I think Indonesia shouldn’t have been a revolution in the first place. It didn’t get independence until after WW2 and would be much better represented by a Javanese civ.

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The Indonesia revolution seems to represent all the revolts during colonial times, but yes, I agree the name is a bit anachronistic. Anyway, since the Portuguese were the other main colonizer in the area and actually used to control parts of modern Indonesia, I think that revolution is adequate for them

True, that why I’m not a 100% with this one, but i still think it makes more sense than Argentina

British for the Brethren of the Coast as well. Henry Morgan is one of the most famous, using British-owned Port Royal as his base (and working alongside French and Dutch Brethren).

Also, I think France should have access to the Brazil revolution. They had colonies down here and they constantly pitted natives against the Portuguese.

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Haiti needs a total rework.
The current “Haiti” should be renamed Pirate Republic and given to British, French, Spanish and Dutch.


Would they use the generic pirate flag already in the game?