New server side patch error


after installing server side patch, the game shows me at lauching the AOE 4 following message

Tha last sentece in the table says: No valid application licenses were found.

I have already re-installed the game and still have the same problem.

thank you.

Hey @Paran6645! I assume you’re on Microsoft Store?

These steps below might help:

Run Windows Update and update everything you can. Then…

  1. Logout from Xbox app and Microsoft Store app
  2. Look for the Xbox app and Microsoft Store app in the Windows menu; then right-click, click app settings and then click terminate, repair and reset. If you’re able to do this for Age IV, do this as well.
  3. Clear the store cache by typing ‘‘wsreset’’ in the Windows bar—you may need to run as admin; wait for the screen to close and open the store automatically.
  4. Open the Microsoft Store app, click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner>downloads updates>get updates and update everything.
  5. Restart your PC, log in to both apps and hopefully you will be able to play again

If you are unable to try the above, or you try and are still having this problem, please contact support. Thanks!

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