New Settlement?

with the introduction on the Sweden civ, finland as a revolution, and the new arctic territories map, i was thinking about the sami people (lapplanders) as a new settlement /minor civilization.

it could give reindeers, and livestock techs, what about 10 sami villagers with slightly faster gather rate?

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I think that’s a great idea, but I would like for there to be new maps that are appropriate for the Sami. Arctic Territories is clearly meant to be northern Canada. So if we could have a Scandanavia map where the Sami are in the far north and a Finland map for them then that would be a good idea I think. I don’t understand why we don’t have European maps considering most of the civilization roster comes from there.

This would also be a way to get more minor European nations in there. We could have some Balkan settlements, maybe the Danish, and even the Polish.

Because the game is about European colonization and the nations involved with it. Europeans didnt colonize their own lands and the architecture and most building types dont fit it either, because its all colonial based.

I hard disagree with this take Touchier, Great Britain colonized Ireland. The Ottomans colonized the Balkans and Greece, Germany, Austria and Russia colonized Poland. Russia Colonized Finland. Spain had control of the Netherlands, Belgium and southern Italy. Europeans conquered and took over their neighbors and then set up systems to extract wealth from their neighbors all the time during this period. I think there is a strong argument to be made for including new European maps with new minor European civilizations you can ally with.

That wasnt colonisation though, just straight up conquering territory from neighboring nations

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There are multiple types of colonialism, I should perhaps have specified that the game in vanillia was about the European colonization of the Americas (one of the reasons they decided not to make European maps). Warchiefs made the nations opposing European expansion/ trading with the Europeans/ allies with the Europeans. And Asian dynasties added the colonization of the Europeans in Asia and there the nations opposing it/ trading with them/ helping them achieving their goals.

In hard it has always been about overseas colonization and the nations involved with it.

Also, you dont exactly used the correct context of colonization in general. Ottomans didnt colonize the Balkans, they conquered it, they didnt activaly set up colonies of ethnical Turkish people etc.

Same that Austria didnt colonize Poland so didnt Russia and HRE/later Germany.

Russia didnt colonize Finland for same reasons.

And like you said Spain had control, which means it isnt a colony.

Conquering ≠ colonialism.

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