New siege unit for the HRE

Just a random thought, but I feel like the prelate buff to military units is borderline useless.

Prelates are slow, they can be picked off quite easily and always prioritize healing over buffing, so I thought of a way to change it, and then it hit me.

During the war with the Lombard league, the Italians states used the “Carroccio” a church on wells basically. Now, strategically it wasn’t that important, but it allows infantry to gather around, and it inspired soldier to fight harder, other than healing some injured. On board there was often relics and prelates celebrating the mass.

Now, since technically the HRE also includes some of the italian states, it could be introduced like this.

  • The Carroccio can be built in age 3 by infantry units, for 300 wood and 150 gold. It can have a maximum of 4 prelates garrisoned inside. Each prelate creates a 2 tile area from the carriage that give the prelate buff to units, you can have a maximum of an 8 tiles area. The unit doesn’t have attack, and it’s slow unless you get it with all 4 prelates. Prelates can still heal from inside.

It would basically work like a moving age 2 chapel, but for military purposes.

What do you think of it?


Sounds interesting. I generally think HRE needs a second unique unit. Landsknecht alone is not enough.


Hre have unic m@a + prelat + landsquenet, 3 unic unit not one

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Sorry I meant unique military units. Prelat is not a military unit in my opinion. Besides even though m@a are stronger than m@a from other civs there are not unique like the Landsknecht.

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M@a with full upgrades are really unic and get the ability to counter even armored unit , it’s Really good and unic
Prelate can buff military unit too and can be bring on the battlefield for buff troops , not like other monk who can just heal

Monk are military in the game atm when your select all millitary unit monk are selected too , and I think hremonk are even stronger because they can do multiple purpose

MaA aren’t classified as UU, you can even check the website.

A UU is a unit that it’s available only to that civ, and have some unique characteristics plus a unique skin.

HRE MaA are good, have good stats and appears a little bit differently from other MaA, but that’s not enough to classify it as a UU.

That being said, it doesn’t mean that a civ with few UU is a bad civ at all. A civ can have few UU, and rely most on general buffed units, or simply generic units, like the HRE relies on their knights.

The problem is, that in a fight there are always units to heal, and prelates prioritize healing over buffing (which make sense since it’s still worse to lose units). Considering that the buff doesn’t last for long, in big castle age or late game fights doesn’t really make a difference.

It would be different if the buff would be available in feudal age, when you have just small skirmishes while raiding or defending, but since it takes a tech available only in castle age at the monastery, that’s not the case.

That’s why I suggested this new unit.

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Prelates are a UU, since they look different and have abilities that no other monks have.

IMO you can apply a amount of unic upgrade on mma who give their an unic play style and ability , With no upgrad I agreed hre mma are normal but full upgraded they became unic

And they also have an unic skin and characteristics btw

And if I know correctly you can desactivate the auto heal and the monk will never heal again

Ok I imagined a military unit more like one who can kill other units by their own.

But it’s true the prelate have unique capabilities.

I don’t like that are monks and scouts selected when you select all military units. Maybe in HRE it’s ok with the selection of prelates but for other civs scouts and monks should not selected with the all military units hotkey.

Scouts are good for sniping siege since they are cheap, fast and have the same torch damage as other cavalry. Monks can be brought together to heal units.

Also, a lot of civs have useful individuals benefit, like HRE and rus monks buffing units, scholar healing, abassid can convert even without relics aoe2 style and so on…

But for what I see, only scholars and rus warrior monks are worth to be brought on the battlefield, the HRE buff doesn’t works as intended on big late game battles, and the tech that allows to imam to convert a single units too come in too late.