New skins for African Explorers (African Royals Challenge)

For anyone that haven’t seen them, this are the new skins you can unlock in the African Challenge. They look really good!
Default Ethiopian

New Ethiopian

Default Hausa

New Hausa



A thing to note is that also translate in-game, it’s not just city customization.

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Yeah these are pretty cool. Got them today myself.

Really looking forward to more customizations for explorers hinted at in the latest patch notes.

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Other small finding: the new skin is only for your main explorer. If you get more heroes (many shipments give some more), the new ones will have the normal skin.


im not interested in. I prefer they make better IU adding line of sight number on IU and transparent UI on what apears on the middle of screen.

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The Hausa Emir’s camel is so cute!

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All in all, it’s even better. More variety :slight_smile:

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I hope they will make new skins for every civilization