New SteamDB DLC for AOE2:DE

Not if it’s early in development. We knew about Rise of the Rajas only a few weeks before release.


Wow. I would love new DLCs for sure, but isn’t it too soon yet? There are still a few balance tweaks to be done before we shake up the meta again.

Forgotten did both in the past. It’s possible that it’s just Capture Age, but I personally am hoping for an expansion like in the past.

It’s very well possible we will only see it at the end of 2021 which leaves plenty time for balancing.


I would prefer a DLC with optional cosmetic content (i.e. unique architecture for each civ) for now. This would be a good way to finance the further development and balancing of the game. In early 2021 the devs could then release a DLC with new civs for example.

Anyway, no matter what kind of DLC may come, I think they will sell like hotcakes.


I’d prefer new civs but unique architecture sets would be great too. Incas, Vikings, Huns and Mongols definitely need one.


I would be surprised if we get new civs. The devs has said in the past that they dont want to add new civs anymore.

New civs was always the reason to buy these DLCs. So i dont really know what they will jse as back bone of these DLC.

CaptureAge seems to be my bet. I dont know hoe populair that would be. I think many players almost never spectate. It would be great for casters and pros. I also like it.


Maybe it’s Capture Age. If thats the case i hope next patch comes with more features in spectating and watchings recs honestly.

Will be cool to have profile systems where we can see last 10 o 20 MP games from a player and we
can download to watch them, and also watch current game even if its single player mode, like campaigns or something like that.

Spectate system with real time chat from players, and also chat for spectators, and a timeline bar to know at which stage/time of the game we are.

It’s not that, arquitecture sets or skins for different unique civs will be a nice addition.

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You have some ego thinking that just because you personally don’t like AO3 then it must mean no one else does and the game will flip after a month.

AOE2 also had a million balance issues at the beginning that fixed along the way, especially in DE so why do you AO3:DE Will keep the balance issues from the old game?


Wait??? New DLC might be incoming???

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This is Capture Age most likely.

A new DLC with new civs would be a surprise considering that DE was released less than a year ago and the devs said no more new civs for a while. Any new DLC should focus on real empires left out.

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Let’s not forget AOE3 ever came out and say we did, does that work?


Currently the DLC has been deleted or hidden, check the link now.

SteamDB doesn’t show the name of a DLC until it gets released.

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Why are you so spiteful? Could you please not ■■■■ on the game, that was engaging enough for me to play it for close to ten years now? I mean, I am not sitting here and insulting you guys for being so visually undemandful, that you accepted the pixeled mess that was AoK, AoC or AoE2:HD.

Like really; AoE2 is a good game and its game design was so good, that it kept it relevant for now more than 20 years. But to be honest, SC1 and SC2 surpassed it story wise and game design wise at every corner. It is not even a contest. SC1 and SC2 are head and shoulders above AoE2. Its player numbers are higher and thats not even touching tournaments and cultural impact for whole countries.

All I am saying is that you get a reality check and not ■■■■ on a beloved game, because it did not find as much success as your favorite one.


No they did not, which is why AoE2 DE has more players than either of them.

3D ruined RTS, it forced games to have small maps and very restrictive pop caps.

AoE2 is better than AoE3 in every way. AoE3 was honestly a mistake.


Me spiteful?! Really! Listen here bud, using just about every metric imaginable AOE3 was a step down and far worse game than AOE1 AOE2 and AOM. There’s nothing spiteful about it, it’s factual and it was an embarrassment and I would just rather us forget about it and Move-on no need to have a big discussion about it. Also I have no idea where you are coming up with Starcraft from I didn’t say anything about Starcraft. This is an AOE forum…

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Troubling that these days people aren’t allowed to have contrary opinions - one or both is going to be flamed as a result. Stating an opinion that one didn’t like a particular game is a legit comment. I really, really disliked AoE3 mostly because of the use of cards as well as the awful 3D graphics. I like the idea of 3D graphics, but the implementation caused game issues like smaller maps, et cetera. I am glad that you liked AoE3 - that’s a perfectly legit comment too - let’s please just understand and accept that we can all have different opinions and that as such, it’s not a statement about each others’ worth or brain capacity. We are all different and we like / dislike different things. That’s it.
Sorry for the soapbox - just tired of people in general getting up in each others’ faces over a difference of opinion. If we all agreed on everything all the time, the world would be a boring place and we’d miss out on trying to see things from different perspectives.
Peace to all - stay safe!


Aoe2 is no better than Aoe3 ‘in every way’, that is just your opinion.

Aoe3 doesn’t have smaller maps, what are you smoking? All the ‘big’ options of aoe2 were added later on aoe2. I remind you at first aoe2 was made in mind being payed with max 75 pop while default aoe3 has 200 pop cap.

I am sure i can counter all your points of why it is ‘worse in every way’, lol.

Aoe3 had such a big and appasionate fanbase that there exists an entire huge DLC made by Aoe3 community that basically is bigger than all the 4 expansion combined in aoe2 de.


Bad argument. 75 pop AoE2 would still have 75 units on the screen, while 200 pop AoE3 will have 35-50, since a lot of AoE3 units cost between 3-5 pop, because 3D engines cannot handle 1000 units on a 5 player match.

BfME2 has way more mods than AoE3, and many completely change it or expand it enormously. Does that make it a better game?

AoE2 had a whole bunch of expanding mods that put Wars of Liberty to shame, such as Portuguese Civ Mod (which actually adds a lot of other civs and unit options, including mercenary system), Age of Chivalry (huge mod that changes the game a lot), Lord of the Rings Mod (a favourite of mine), Vampire Wars Mod (another favourite of mine), Forgotten Empires (the mod that revived the game and became an official expansion).

AoE2 is clearly the better game even by the standards you just set.

AoE3 maps can barely fit a small town, which is why Houses have a build limit. Vanilla AoE2 Large maps can fit several medieval cities.

How did this become a discussion about AOE3?