New stuff to improve the game

I was playing on the Caribbean map, and by dint of moving my troops to another island, an idea came to me: the boat bridge

You know, on nautical maps with no shallows to cross on foot, you have to garrison troops in a boat, then unload that boat on the other side.
I told myself that we could have a system that allows troops to pass from one bank to the other without using a boat, but by building a bridge to transport the troops, like that, no more loading limit in boats and incessant round trips!

Obviously, it should be held so that it does not fall into the hands of the enemy.

that does not at all sound like a simpler or better solution than the current one.


Also, it’s not like you can’t blow bridges up.

Oh yeah, such a simple solution that only involves completely rewriting the game’s engine.


New stuff to improve the game would be better pathfinding and A.I on nautical maps such as Caribbean.


This is a MUST!

We need a new game to include this kind of stuff.