New suggestion, In-game civ pickrates and winrates

Since the aoestats won’t be updated anymore and the guy who did those winrates could be unreliable, What I suggest is simple, an in-game civ pickrates and winrates could be a nice option, much like the in-game leaderboard (and easier because you can just use the ranked games, collect the data here, then classify it by map, ELO range, etc…).


Yeah does anyone actually know what happened to Jerbot? The stats haven’t been updated in well over a month now…

Also I would really love to see the stats for the civs directly in the game. It’d make it much easier to look at that kind of stuff.

Are you sure that aoestats is off now? I mean maybe the guy have an issue or in travel or sick or something and i wish he can get back. Anyway i agree and i like your idea and as you said it will not be a big problem to have the stats of the civs it is the same as the leaderboard.

What are you trying to say?

I think he is trying to say: " Why do you think a guy that made this site long time ago and was keeping upload the stats eveyweek is unreliable? "

yeah would be great, but i would love to see more stats in general…

We already have Stats on the official Website /s
Let me get a ruler real quick so i can guess the winrate 11


For some reason it doesn’t work on Firefox. It should display the numbers on Microsoft Edge and Chrome.