New Tatar strategy, but looks so dangerous for arabia

Recently added thanks by the new Tatar buff.

IMO the new bonus of the spamming sheeps is not a AoE2 thing (maybe is a AoE3 thing, not sure)
They need to work on this in the future, the first two sheeps make sense but keep spamming more after that…? When a new TC is build doesn’t make any sense any more, all the vills are busy doing something else
Tatarts needed some eco bonus and it’s in hand whit the sheep bonus but you will finish the game in Imp with sheeps under the TC

Free sheep that last longer will delay making farms, so you save some early wood. Isnt that an eco bonus? You can still send your vills to sheep instead of making farms early on. It will play different compared to other civs. I fully agree. But if you just let the sheep sit under you TC, then you are doing something wrong. You dont get the full benefit of the new bonus.


I’m tested yet. The thing is, in the early game and feudal age it is good. Afterward I usually sent my vills to wood or gold and then built farms with wood. If 5 are going to sheep they become idle after the two sheep is empty and usually you are focused on fighting the enemy or other things.

Shift click the sheeps, then shift click a tree or gold pile. When they are finished with the sheeps, they will start with gathering wood or gold. You dont need to baby sit those vills in the mean time. So you can still be focused on other things.

What’s the point of going 3 on wood and massively delaying berries if you go fc anyway? The build starts like a pop19 fast feudal. Sounds pretty inefficient to me. Also what map is that suited for? I mean you don’t have any military before min 15 so without a drush I don’t see this being useful for open maps (at least not for 95% of the current arabia generations) and on closed maps cav archers aren’t really a thing.

always funny when something new is released and an expert will pop up saying how bad it is before its been trialed extensively…

i mean this new paint was released and every arm chair expert said it was junk… 3 months down the line absolutely everyone loves it because they learnt NEW WAYS of using it…

sometimes new toys need us to think out of the box to maximise their effect…

or do you suddenly get free wood to get every single farm you ever wanted to build? and still have wood left over to build everything else?

This strat with Tatars is not new at all, with their +50% food from sheep before this buff they can do this and i did it many times, well in general going FC in open arabia is not a good choice

I agree, it’s kinda weird. I believe the point is adding the villagers to sheep/boar 1st so you can take advantage of their gathering speed compared to berries and deplete the sheep when you reach feudal so you can already take the extra ones. Though I guess you need also 2 deer also as suggested.

The 3+2 on wood has a weird timing. I would personally prefer to add 4 in the beginning and than add +1 before gold so I can focus on getting the food 1st but I don’t know if you would get enough wood in feudal

I guess so but since you don’t need all that food early on you can just put the regular 4 vils to berries and avoid of having the inefficency of 10+ vils under tc gathering from boar and sheep at the same time. After boar (and dear) run out you still have plenty of time to take all those sheep.

Exactly. You’ll certainly have enough wood in feudal since you don’t need 2nd lumber camp and farms. No matter what civ you are I don’t see a reason to go for 3 on wood and start a food party under your tc if you go pop 22+ feudal.

You need the food because you are Fast Castling with 22+2 vils. The 10 villagers on boar is also standard in Feudal rush builds.

Having said that, I tried the build but I don’t think is viable unfortunatly (coz I love Tatars), because its really tight and you can’t afford walling your base without being out of wood. Also you need to send 1 more vil to gold after clicking feudal or you wont have enough gold to click Castle after queuing 2 vils. If someone Drushs you or sends you scouts you are out. I appreciate the work though.

i have to agree, in todays meta i think fast castle builds are largely out because everyone is more aggressive.

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