New Team ELO System is wrong?

Hello there,

Me and my friend is around 1500-1600 ELO players. In the past the matches were good, balanced we slowly climbed up on the ladder. After the new ELO system released the game started to assign us againts 2200+ ELO players about 10/7 times… Quickplay and Ranked games also did this so we started to loose all the times… I don’t know what happened with the system but this is way too unfair.

Anyone experienced the same issue?

This recommendation makes no sense. Whats the point of creating a new account? After 10 games they would be back at 1600. All that would happen is that they would be smurfing on the poor 1000-1500 before them.

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It doesnt work like that anymore, you gain elo based on your’s party average. It takes quite a while to get the acc back on your elo now. Back before the update (when you gained elo based on your own elo not the party’s) indeed you would be back to your elo quite fast.

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Technically the new TG elo is better but since they didn’t reset the inflated elo caused by the previous system, abuse can still happen.

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