New to multiplayer 2v2 rush

Multiplayer 2v2 4th game we what should i focus on first to improve and what are my mistakes? Age Of Empires 4 Noobs 2v2 Push! - YouTube

Just watched the first 7 minutes, but you need to start using hotkeys to manage your villagers.

Eg. QQ to build a house, QW a mill, etc…

You were fighting an english, research arrow and defense to arrows, and you will have an advantage.

Also, check the 2-2-2 build as english. At start you put 2 on gold, 2 on wood, 2 building a mill near your TC.

Collect 150 gold and 50 wood, then research wheelbarrow. Then, put every new villager on sheeps, and when you have enough wood to build a farm, take a villager from sheep and do the farm in a way you can build 10 farms in the same mill.

You can put 3 on wood also to get farms faster.

With this build you will pass to feudal a bit later, but with a much stronger eco focused in spam longbows and maa.

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Thank you for the helpful comment!