New trash war king

So, halbs ignoring armor combined with skirmishers that fire 25% faster.

Yes they got terrible scouts, but if you ask me, this gotta be the new most broken trash war combination.

What do you think, will this be lame or not an issue?

Dravidians are rather underpowered, yeah they have good trash, but they are like the Vikings, except with a much weaker Eco bonus.

Alternatively, you might also view them as a non-eagle warrior Meso civ
So they are like the Aztecs (who also get strong Skirms and +4 attack Infantry), but without their biggest weapon, the Eagles…


Yeah i think this will have to be nerfed. They get a fully upgraded infantry line that ignores armour. Beyond OP against any non arb civ.

Oh and for arb civs here comes 25%faster attacking skirms up that ■■■

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Unless this is bait - how is ignoring Melee Armour for your entire Infantry and faster firing Skirmishers on top of that underpowered on a civ with a strong eco and complete Archery Range & Barracks as well as all Blacksmith upgrades for both?

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Remove the effect of Woodtz Steel from spearmen line and then its fine.
The last thing we need is a trash unit being cost effective vs Teutonic Knights.


Why? It is not even better than Japanese or Slavs.


Already explained, vs non cavalry units is too effective.
I’m fine with the effect on Light cavalry as Dravidians lack Plate Barding Armor.

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It will likely cost a ton of resources like Druzhina.
It’s an imperial tech, but we can just wait 9 days and see for ourselves.


Dravidians even underpowered. Their eco is like average and their stable is likely single worst except meso.

Their halb can be great. But they likely lose to Slavs Druzhina halb. Not to mention Japanese/Bohemians (or even Teutons/Goths/Byzantines) halbs better vs Cavalry.

Also giving that terrible scout, they should have better skirms. Otherwise all their trash countered by just skirms. Just like Meso civs all have skirms bonus.


Dravidians, Hindustanis and Bengalis seem to be underpowered, because their tech tree suck.

Their civilization bonuses are well-thought and balanced tbh.

Dravidians are like Japanese without Cav Archers (EA with those upgrades suck) and Knights.
Bengalis have no units.
Hindustanis are weaker than ever.
Gurjaras seem to be fine, just give them Parthian Tactics.

I would give all South Asian civs Parthian Tactics, Husbandry for Dravidians and Thumb Ring for Bengalis.

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And yet, I’ve seen already some nerf requests! :scream:


Units in trash wars have no base armour, so in most cases woodz steal is at best as good as the Burmese bonus for halbs, and it’s only better than Burmese by one attack vs champs. I think they would be worse than Burmese in trash wars, because no armour skirms can be shielded, while glorified Viking light cavs can’t.

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Provided they reach the trash wars during a match…

Anothet good contender are hindustanis. FU skirm and FU hussar with antibuilding bonus, with the UT providing some extra gold for siege. The only bad thing if that halberdierd lack the last armor upgrade

Oh, and they can set up caravanserais to help their tradecarts to raid enemy markets!

Don’t think so. Bengalis have amazing eco. free 4 vil lead after Fast castle going to be top eco bonus comparable to Malay and Vikings. That eco lead itself can make civ above average at least (and their tech tree is pretty flexible like access to all monk tech except Heresy and access to BBC).

Hindustanis going to be weaker due to the lack of Parthian tactics but Indians winrate in ladder Arabia is among top5. They also getting buffed for their camels and HC. They still be strong civ in open map.
Dravidians would be suck. Gurjara can be too one-dimensional with very strong Camels and absolute terrible barrack. They can be depend on UU.

Watch the video above and you will see Dravidian Halberdiers beat all other Halberdiers 1v1. Could become broken in trash wars with a great economy behind it.

I agree but that person appears to be a bit biased.

Slavs have better light cav, better economy, and their UT is better on large battles. I think its fine. Compared to Persian or Malay this isnt even that crazy


Slavs are considerably weaker not getting fully upgradable Archers and Skirmishers and the Dravidians have many powerful eco bonuses, even more so on water maps.

yeah also don’t think it’s OP.
Aztecs are also not OP in trash wars

Aztecs don’t have nearly as good Archers as a backbone to your trash Infantry.

but they have the best skirms for trash wars