New unique horseman ability

Just an idea I come with so we can start separating strategies for horses and knights.
So in medievel ages, people burn the villages, kill the warriors, kidnap woman and children etc.
I was curious what if we give to horseman unique ability in age 3 with high cost which allow you to kidnap villagers. You will move slowly like the scout with the hunt, and if its click per use like convert for abassid you wouldnt be able to mass horses for mass steal. This will allow you for some hit and run strategy with 5 horses etc.
I would love to hear your opinion about that

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There was a mod in AOE2 that allowed you to use your scout in order to kidnap villagers/special characters.
It was funny, Im not sure if its a good idea as it seems abit like an under-climatic game ender when pulled off. Imagine stealing 30 villagers in a raid. That’d be crazy. Also implementing for horsemen would be OP as hell since they can tank TC and tower arrow fire very effectively, making defense extra hard without walls or spears.

Now i’ll be more optimistic and instead of ruling out here is my suggestion for how I think it should work:

  • Should be implemented for scouts not horsemen, just like they carry deer.
  • Upgrade should be at castle age, and cost 300 gold 300 food at the very least.
  • Any damage a scout carrying a villager takes should make it drop the villager
  • Scouts carrying villagers move 45% slower.
  • Villagers with full HP and Textiles can not be stolen
  • Villagers only “Convert” to your side when dropped in your TC

These additions basically make it impossible to raid an enemy defended base. Which is good.
Its effective when an enemy is being greedy and has a secret undefended base (which happens often) or goes mining/foresting outside his base. Taking the tech doesn’t necessarily mean you will be able to steal villagers, but it would mean your enemy would have to be more defensive and mindful when placing his villagers in the open undefended which should already be enough to return the cost.

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I agree with everything without dmg dealt. You can literaly hit the scout with one villager and intercept it. Maybe if goes bellow 75% would be more fair