New Unique Tech for Turks

Turks are the only civ in the game that lacks viable trash units past feudal. every other civ has both pikemen and elite skirms. I am not avocating that we change this however turks do need a viable way to counter to Calvary and Archer as well viable options strategies for once gold runs out.
This Unique tech would replaces Sipahi and would 400-500 food and wood it would decrease the gold cost of camels and cav archers by 25 but increase also increase the food or wood cost by 25. This would make the Turks composition less gold intensive allow them keep making gold units after their opponent has already transitioned to trash

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Most games rarely make it to where you need trash only armies in the first place.

And I strongly dislike it. I’d rather have regular price extra hp cav archers over ones that cost extra wood and less gold

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Cav archers is actually trash unit if you don’t lose them. Other units doesn’t have this privilege. Turkish Hussar is also best Hussar in the game. Okay, Turks has weakness but it is mostly because their unique unit is bad in Imperial Age. Elite Janissary should have 60 hp. With their current stats, they don’t deserve their cost.

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No I don’t support this idea because I really love Sipahi due to it’s usefulness to the horse archer.

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I don’t think the cost would be a problem for turks because of their gold gathering bonus, but I think a speed bonus in their CA would be nice, it would make them a little easy to keep them alive against cavalry, and synergies well with sipahi… because of the lack of pikes and skirms, turks, in my experience, have not almost chance of comeback if they take a few bad fights… But is just my experience

not all civs need to have “strong trash composition”. Turks have one of the most brutal Imperial Age compositions and very hard to stop, it makes sense that their counterbalancing factor is them having a bad army once gold runs out.With Turks, you are meant to win with the gold units or with Hussar raids, if you don’t do that, it means you played Turks badly (or opponent played better), you shouldn’t get a out of jail free card.

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The problem is not their gold gather rate the problem is there utter dependence on gold units.

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By that logic every unit is a trash unit except demos, petards, and flaming camels

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Turk gold units are so strong, their Sipahi Cavalry Archer especially, that if you can’t win the game before running out of gold, then you’re not going to win with buffed trash units either.

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I like the idea for camels. Agreed not full trash, but reduced to like 25-30 gold cost for an increase to 75-80 food. They’d still be weak to Elephants and uniquely lack Pikes or Elite Skirms. This would give them a way to combat mass Hussar spam in post-imp 1v1.

I vote no for the cav archer part. Their high HP cav archers are apart of the civ identity, and I don’t think that should be removed. They also should not have both a unique bonus and a cost reduction to cav archers.

Turks have great Hussars to counter archers and skirms, so they don’t really need Elite Skirmishers. This does leave enemy Halberdiers as a weakness after the gold runs out, but I think the answer there is to market your way to a few champions and hand cannoneers.

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That’s what i said and why suggested a bonus to help maintain the CA’s alive until reach thecritic mass of them

You would give up on one of the best CA in the game for some gold saved?

I don’t think that it’s worth… also, turks now are mainly fine with their strong light cav.

No, Paladin, arbalest, siege units always die. You can’t save this units from dying. For instance, arbalester is slow, thus skirmishers and cavalries always catch and kill some of them. Paladins must take damage if they want to give damage. After gold run out, Paladin lose their strength but cav archer maintain its power. Cav archer + Hussar combo is weaker than Paladin + Throwing Axeman in terms of pure strength but in long term Cav Archer + Hussar is stronger because Cav Archers don’t die if you don’t want to.

I believe, a second unique unit for Turks would be ideal to cover their lacking of pikeman and skirmisher line is the ideal choice. It can be a shared team bonus unit and it can cover another Turkish era than Ottomans for Turks.

A Ghazi warrior with a shield and spear, highly armored, like a trash unit but cost a bit gold so that it keeps the Turks gold in need trend.