New Unit - Changes effect the base unit I used as a template?

Hi team,

I made a new unit - a Lord. Everything seemed to be going well until I went to purchase a man-at-Arms.

The new Lord was a copy (and rename) of the Men-at-Arm_1 clone. Even though the Lord has its own sbps and ebps file, for some reason the cost of the Lord (1 gold) has become the cost of the Man-at-Arms.

However, the Man-at-Arms should have the normal cost - I never changed it.

The other odd thing is that when I buy the Lord I cannot buy a second one (that was intended) but I also can’t buy any more Men-at-Arms. However, if I buy the Men-at-Arms I am able to continue buying more of them and I still have the option to buy a Lord.

Does anyone know what is going on?