New unit from nords (two units) and theory

This is a spearman different form another unit showed.


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Spearman seem a good addition.
Ulfsarks always felt awkward for that role.

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  1. We have two new units for nords…

This spearman (We can call him Bondi)

And this other who is a hero.
image image

Two different units added to the nords, both of them with a spear.


  1. We have a new building too.

image image
I think it’s some kind of mead hall, it has shields and units are probably trained in it. So we have a new military builgind and two military units with spear.


My theory is that these two new spearman (the hero and the “bondi”) are trained in this new building.


they might be decorative assets which microsoft has used before in other promos that arent necessarily playable. but yeah the “norse hero” unit might be wearing a vendel I helmet

Vendel I helmet 456059 - Vendel Period - Wikipedia

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100% no.
We have a unit that is upgraded throughout the ages and a building that does the same. This is not decorative.

Yes, similar to einheriar

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the kite shields are throwing me off. looks so anachronistic

A lot of anachronistic stuff in AoM. Huscarls, hoplites, the own armors or many units…

no kidding, kite shield just is particularly a sore thumb. most of the norse stuff already existed in late antiquity in its earlier germanic variants but kite shield being a high middle ages thing just sticks out

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There are a lot xd



Egypt are 2000-1000 BC
Greek are 600-300 BC (most units are from the Hellenistic time Period)
Norse are 500-1000 AD

They are all from very different time periods.
But AoM is not a historical game.
AoM also always had kite shields for the Norse units.
What annoys me more is that some of them seem to have crosses no their shields. Pagans should not have Christian symbols on their shields!


The norse, as they are represented in the game, are already medieval, even their gods and myth units (even though most have a germanic equivalent). The viking era is the most well known and popular period of the norse culture, so it makes sense that the devs chose to represent them this way.


i don’t think the kite shield shows up until after the viking period is passed
but yeah upgraded ulfs do already have a teardrop shield. guess you hardly notice those details unless the graphics are improved

The viking era extends from the 8th to the 11th century, so it’s not impossible. That being said, the norse culture still existed for some time past the viking era.

possible celtic unit? helmet looks like it’s modeled after this celtic helmet from romania 4th century bce

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scratch that it’s just the ###### jarl

They are Jarls 100%. Jarls have an eagle on their helmet.


Yes, for me they are going to add new units and buildings for the different mythologies…

Of course, they can be scenario units too… and yes, it is an Iron Age helmet…

AoM is a non-historical mythological game, you can allow yourself some historical flexibility…

Of course, AoM is a game that goes from 3000 BC (Ancient Egypt) to 1500 AD (if they put Aztecs), don’t be so strict with historicity…

Celts confirmed for Retold xd…

And it seems that the norse have a new kind of boat. It seems like a canoe. It is very different from the longboats

Looks like a Dragon Ship.


Shouldnt the dragon ships be bigger than the longboats?

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