New unit tag discovered

So the Somali dagger tech has some new text which implies a tag which I haven’t seen before.

Hand skirmisher. It seems to be for units like Urumis but I don’t see the tag on the units when I hover over them.

Is there way to check which units fall under this category?



That is indeed interesting. Wonder what other units will come under this tag? Seems like a good idea to make Urumi and urumi like units clearer to understand for new players.


Probably the new civ that we gonna get will have such a unique unit like Urumi. Currently other than Urumi, there is no other unit with this tag.

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I think the Sudanese Dervish are a hand skirmisher. It was kinda funny on release they could have 0.65 rof melee attack.

On a side note I am curious if people use this tech. It doesn’t seem to good due to low damage of most skirms but maybe there is a unit it works well with?