New unit who spawn with a third of his full health


It could be fun to have for a new civ, a unique unit who spawn with a third of his full health.
For this unit it could be a cavalry or range unit. The training time could be regular and the player will have to choose to use them without healing them.
I believe that it could be really intersting to play with them.

For a historical point of view, it could be for a civ who was in siege and fight with an army of casualties.


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Hi, sorry, i can’t find the interesting part of invest in a unit with regular training time and the third part of his health.


Actually really interesting idea! Would love to see this implemented

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This idea would only be interesting if it had a big upside to make up for it, but even then it might just not be fun to use. Like you just sunk 650 stone to be able to start producing it and now you must invest even more into healing? Not to mention you can’t use it at all as emergency army, even war eles can be used this way 11

Basically get herbal medicine get the unit but leave it in the production building for like 3 mins before using? Maybe abit of drag rather them exciting

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