New Units Black Forest Monument Wars

There is a 500 pop version as well.

Check hints for new unit details. Victory condition conquest. Everyone starts near the center of the map with a harmless Ox Wagon; this is to stop villager fights. Move your Ox Wagon to a monument, monuments can make a Packed Town Center (60 seconds to create) for a cheap cost. In Castle Age, villagers can make town centers as normal. Move your Packed Town Center to your desired location and unpack it. Monuments generate resources. Even without a monument, you get 50 food, wood, stone and gold a minute. Pop is set to 1000. Trees cannot be broken by onagers. This map can be played with 4v4 (and other team modes), Diplomacy, or FFA. Bombard Towers do half damage (60). Packed Town Centers and villagers spawn in ruined villages every 60 seconds. You can make a Mercenary Camp (replaces Wonder), this building allows you to make some new powerful units, all the new units have slow creation time. Heavy Pikeman, Flamethrower, Crusader Knight, Norse Warrior and Super War Elephant. Rams/armoured elephants have much more hit points, since buildings are much stronger.