New Universal Tech: Mercenaries

There are quite a few civs that have Unique Units that are good, but only in small numbers. This means that getting all their upgrades is often not worth it. Elephant Archers are a good example of this; you’re probably best with about 5 Elite Elephant Archers, but with that many, it’s never worth getting the Elite upgrade and all the other upgrades, like Parthian Tactics.

Which gives me an idea for a new Imperial tech!

Creates a fully-upgraded Elite Unique Unit.
Costs 75% more than the standard unit.

Basically this would allow a player to get a few unique units for a specific purpose, at the cost of paying substantially more for them. I think it could allow you to see some of the less-built unique units, mixed into other compositions in smaller numbers.



why would anyone train such a unit?

He explained it pretty much in His Post :wink:
With His proposed tech(is it even a Tech or Just a nee Button in the Castle or maybe even town Center) you buy your civs UU Fully upgraded for 175% of its regular Cost, No Matter If you have researched the Upgrades. Say you have Not Done any blacksmith Tech and Elite Upgrade you still get a Fully teched Out unit but you Pay more.

Would you get a Fully teched Out unit based on your civs Tech trees or Form all techs(for example cataphracts with bloodlines and blast furnace, or Just all techs you could Research AS that civ)?

Generally Not opposed to the idea, obviously Price of mercenary unit could be different based on balancing