New update incoming!

There is an update coming soon guys! Fingers crossed for something good!


So they just announced the announcement for an upcoming patch, nice.


Would you prefer sitting in the dark without any communication at all while you wait for a patch?

At least now we know something is coming this month!


Which means not anytime soon… Keep staying afk i guess


Players: “Why doesn’t Relic communicate with us?”
Relic: “We’re back from the holidays and announcing an upcoming patch”
Players: “So stupid, they announced an announcement for an upcoming patch”

Can’t win.


Nah, I’m actually really happy with this announcement. Sounds like they’ll announce more than just a few minor balance tweaks, so that’s even better. I just always find it funny whenever someone announces that they will announce something on a later date :slight_smile:


Glad to hear something from them. Will be awesome to hear the specifics!

Looks at screenshot They’re removing demos!

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The guy who chose the pic just said on AOE discord he was just looking for a nice picture.

The image isn’t indicative of patch/update content. It’s not necessarily going to be anything to do with water.

It’s almost like the community isn’t a single entity.


I am happy to see a communication. I will continue to feel this way until I get the update, then I will either be addicted to grinding new bug-free Delhi on the ladder or in my kitchen baking bread again.


No one stated it was.

Nice :). I am excited for this.

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have details?? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Good news! Hope they fix some of the essential bugs, like Delhi/HRE spears and perhaps some balancing for demo ships, fire lancers and siege versus units.

I think It Will be not only a update about next patch. I Think there Will be something about the upcoming console version

Not the console version, but maybe a new feature(s).

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Thinking of it and i really hope I am right about this the fact that they said update coming instead of referring to just a patch could mean very good news for us as it is very likely major changes could come in terms of features and balance.

Just bring in the crew siege weapons and none homing arrows. XD

I feel like the updates till now were quite mediocre in terms of communication and quality. I just wish they had mentioned what they are focusing at. Just like that they are focusing on which aspects of the feedback for the next update, so the community is still able to voice their thoughts on it. This hyping up is so annoying and when the “exciting” information turns out to be any kind of console version reveal, they deserve every drop of ■■■■ raining down on them.