New Win Condition

I havent played too many modern RTS, so I do not know if the three win conditions of AOE4 is unique. That being said, I do enjoy the variety in strategy. I believe to keep the game fresh in the future, addition win conditions could be interesting. One additional one I though of was to have a capture the flag type win condition. The flag would be called “The Standard”. RNG would determine a spawn point for the flag that would be symmetrical near the bounds behind your team’s base. It would not be visible, have to be scouted. To win you would need to delegate a military unit to grab the standard and return it to your side of the map. Civs could have specific bonus’s to add variety (speed aura, health aura, wololo etc.). Thanks for reading.

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I like this idea, but perhaps instead of winning outright the standard could simply confer a sizable advantage, for example providing its bearer with free gold over time when brought back to your side of the map.

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Good suggestion, or at least an optional win condition for custom games. Maybe once the scenario editor comes out for this game, ideas such as this can start to emerge.

Obviously for now the most important thing (other than animation cancel / imp demo bug) is to get the content creators, professional community, general community, and developers to align on a compromise for ui / ranked matchmaking system (vetos) / siege / landmark balance (no civ should auto choose, eg council hall) / water play.

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Um, this just sounds like turning Relics into a win condition

new auto win condition

Make 15 bombards and win the game instant. o wait thats here already