Newbie Simple Tips 1


  • Why have I decided to write this?

  • As someone still quite new to Aoe4 and RTS in general I am still in proccess of learning, but no matter of how many hours per week I put into the game I want to have that feeling of progression, of advancing, of moving onwards. If you have similar approach, read on.

  • What is the point of this article?

  • Everyone have different learning techniques, that’s why this is not guide, but “just” a tips you can then implement in your learning process. Also as I was learning the basics I felt like all of the guides/tips I read or watched were too advanced - don’t get me wrong, I respect all the content creators, but in general, they might have years or decades of experience in RTS so for long ass time now, they don’t have to face the same learning puzzles as someone who is freshly starting.

So let’s get to it - AOE4 SIMPLE TIPS LESSON 1

Select all towncenters
Select all military production buildings
Select all economy buildings
Select all technology buildings
Select all idle villagers
Select all idle military units
Select all villagers
Select all military units


  • The word “select” means truly select only = not select and center camera (u can find these in Settings - Controls - Scrolling all the way down).
  • Why do I want select only? Almost at all times while playing I wouldn’t want to be disturbed by for an example looking at Towncenter everytime I am making new villiger (my active focus should be elsewhere).
  • You can keybind all of the 6 important shortcuts every single game, but Aoe4 does a perfect job in offering you to prebind all of these, which can make your life much easier and gameplay much smoother (you can spend your time in game doing something else).
  • Why these shortcuts exactly? They are simply the most used in all of the games no matter what.*
  • Select all villagers can be used for all-inning or trolling.
  • Select all military units can be handy when you need all of your military units to attack (or group up) at the exact moment wherever they are and whatever were they doing until now.

Feel free to comment, ask or criticize, there is always room for improvement :wink:
I hope this would make your learning process more stable/simple
- and you won’t be as lost as I were.
Best regards,


I like what you did here :+1:t2:

I would add 1, select and focus main TC.
This so you have a hotkey to decide to jump back to base. I use this one a lot early game when attacked or raided.
I left it on ‘H’ , where i bound (select only) all TC’s under ‘7’.

Pretty neet to have a center base hotkey to be able to react very quick.

I wish I had known this back when I had the game… I didn’t know this was possible… for real. Now I changed to a MacBook and can’t play it anymore but this was very redemptive to read… I hope new players pay attention to this