Next Age of Empires 4 Beta due to drop soon?

Just came up on my steam.


Another beta test? We’ll see if they improved graphic textures for units.

Did it appeared today?
Because if that is the case then its very likely we are having a new one since today we have another aoe4 stream on the devs twitch and they are very likely to announce it there

It apparently showed up a short while ago for those who did not uninstall the previous stress test.

I never uninstalled mine and it hasn’t shown up for me

Rip iam sad for you :frowning:


Hopefully, I’m getting tired of shitposting here lol.


No expectition,no disappointment. :rofl:


If it is indeed coming soon we might find an announcement in today’s show match.
(Abbasids vs Mongols)

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Don’t toy with our hearts!

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I’m fine with or without a beta, but I just wish I could speak without the NDA. There’s so much to tell, but I’ll either have to wait for the next beta (if it includes the closed beta stuff) or for full release.

You can. NDA was scrapped after the open beta. There are gameplays posted everywhere

I don’t think the closed beta NDA was lifted? Like mongols/dehli are still under NDA.


Closed beta NDA is not lifted.


Which I think is reasonable. Closed beta lasted for a while, the internet would be flooded with outdated content, guides, all sorts of stuff before release. I can see why they went that route.

I do hope they lift it past release date though.

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is it still possible to sign up for these? I tried to the other day but they wanted my DxDiag, and I was at work so i wasn’t at a personal computer to play on.

IF they are releasing another beta you might have to upload your DxDiag.
But that was only for the closed beta.

Or they will say - “Jebaited! :rofl: