Next Age of Empires 4 Beta due to drop soon?

Man I hope so, can’t find anything official that points towards this happening now or in the near future though… fingers crossed!

I don’t want to give you unnecessary false hope, but can some of you who did not uninstall the stress test check if you a have a concrete date for the scheduled update?
There is a scheduled date for me.
I checked a few days ago and it was October 20, now it is October 19.

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Now showing 5:49AM on Monday 18th October for me (I am in Australia), so may be 17th October?

I can confirm I uninstalled the closed beta from steam after the closed beta finished (which was covered by NDA). This steam install is from the technical stress test which was not under any NDA (for those stating I may be in breach of NDA).


Broooo, that is literally 5 days away!!! Wtf!!! And no announcement!!!

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Remember the closed beta announcement? By the time I woke up, the announcement had already happened AND the timeframe for signing up had already passed. Was due to go live within like what, 48 hours?


Where are you guys finding that on your steam account. I didn’t see anything on mine under downloads

Whattttttt…no announcement. Nothing. Good job World’s Edge :slight_smile: Regardless, I am guessing they would announce the beta this Friday…but how’s it beta if the release is just weeks away lol.

balance purpose+patch with change

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Did you delete the stress test?

This package was created during the stress test last month, and they just added a bunch of beta depots to this package last week (Oct 4)

No idea if that means anything, but thats the most recent change I see to the stress test.

Yes I uninstalled it when it was over, and deleted the file because that’s what they said to do on the official ending announcement. Should I not have done that maybe?

No not at all, don’t worry. When it actually goes ‘public’ everyone will gain access to it, we don’t get any special access.


I accidentally uninstalled it as well dw. I realised afterwards what a “Doh!” Thing I did.

You know what’s funny. If you didn’t close your game after stress test ended, you could still play. So I played for like a few extra days after the stress test, before the game finally froze and I had to close it :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Then I uninstalled it and went :man_facepalming:t2: Why did I do that!

But yeah, no updates for the stress test will show up in your downloads. But that’s okay because you have @AussieDrongoBBQ to give you the updates :laughing::ok_hand:t2: Thanks mate


I don’t think it will be a “closed” beta, because one week before the release they want to get as many people in the beta as they can in order to test the servers and to make as much people as possible like the game so much they will purchase it a few days later.

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They’re doing a lot of betas close by each other. Especially if this one is going to be real.

Dunno how I feel about that

I’d say it is actually a best practice within ICT.
I work in ICT and whenever we release a new version of the application to the customer we try to do as much testing as possible, preferably with as many real users as we can. This is often called “acceptation testing”, “acceptance testing” or the “acceptance phase”.

The most important thing is really to avoid problems after the release as this is really painful and leads to a serious decline in trust (and a lot of awkward conversations, trust me…). For AoE4 this would mean that during the first week of November the servers would go down because of an unexpected overload of users or something like that, which would seriously damage the reputation of the game.

So, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if there were another stress test.


Anyone know if AoE2DE and AoE3DE had betas in their last week before release?

I remember clearly there was nothing before aoe2de released :sleeping:

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Aoe3 had a “streaming event” which, if I remember it correctly, went dynamically into the release of the game.
So basically you could play for 1-2(?!?) weeks before the release and never stop.
Can’t say for sure though, it’s been a year ago and my memory is weak.


That’s what I was thinking, thanks for the confirmation