Next BIG fix - wall mechanics

Curious if everyone else thinks walls are broken (especially for Delhi). Watching some pro games with delhi and seeing them throw up small stone wall sections at an insane rate around enemy econ is just insane. I think this is something that doesnt get enough attention.

Not to mention blocking off a section with 1 hp built walls or climbing up on walls when a tower/gate is barely built.


Walls r fine in my opinion.

You can’t get on them unless they’re fully build, 1hp is well, 1hp, just destroy it.

I mean you’re either gonna get stone towers or regular towers but tower rushes aren’t going anywhere, people are always gonna take the cheese meta and run with it (myself included)

Build rate is okay except for Chinese, I don’t think they should get their speed boost on walls.

Def not the next big change tho, imo they’re still gonna need to do more to siege.

agreed with the first half, and I love being able to rush low hp stone walls, it requires micro and it’s fine. But being able to build just as fast with infantry feels really unfair because you lost nothing for doing it, I do think quick walling with Delhi is a bit OP.

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Dehli army building stone walls at villager rate needs fix. Villagers are vulnerable and If they are building forward wall it can be countered. Dehli on the other hand have MAA who can keep tanking damage and still building walls. Villagers on the other hand can be picked off using archer. You can only counter it in imperial with bombards. I think building speed needs to be slow for army.


Have you tried mangonels?

They’re choosing a hyper-specialized landmark to get this ability, sacrificing another landmark which has objectively good upgrades, I rarely take compound of the defender as Delhi myself, I jus use villies, but I don’t find it worth it to even take compound of the defender.

Walls are good overall, but I agree they shouldn’t be “impassable” until maybe 10% are built, its laughable that a unit can’t cross over a pebble, and qucikwalls sohuldnt be part of this game.

You can’t get on them unless they’re fully build, 1hp is well, 1hp, just destroy it.

You fail to realize 1hp stone wall can’t be targeted by any unit unless its a siege unit. Which makes quickwalling insane

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Na I know this it’s just I don’t think anything is wrong with it, sure 10% built would be alright but either I fast wall or some damn french knight comes killing all my villagers.

The issue is the walls can go up faster than people can walk. When does that ever make sense. You say quick wall or french knights raid, but the bugged quick build of the wall is not needed to prevent that, just be more proactive about getting it up. Or actually build some towers and spears.

I mean seriously are you arguing that 1hp sone walls are needed to prevent raids and without this feature the french will get you. Sounds like you need to play more civs (mongols / rus)

One big problem too is delhi military being able to build stone wall towers too.
I think being able to build stone walls is fine, but towers should be left for villagers.

Yeah thats not a bad idea either, the infantry can wall but cant built towers. Keeps them from spaming cheap bunkers around the enemy. I also like the idea of longer build times mentioned before

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Not sure if it counts as hyper specialized. Compound of the defender is super good since it’s a booming landmark. Making 600 stone keeps that count as TCs is super strong.

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They literally do nothing against walls. Have you even used mangonels to destroy walls. Dehli army can build stone wall towers in the time it takes for your mangonels to deal any significant damage. Not to mention you cannot use mangonels since springalds are available in age 3.

No I mean to shoot over the walls and stop the villagers to give u time to make a ram

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This is a great example of what im talking about, watch from the 4:12:00 to 4:17:00 mark. After getting the W Beastyqt says Delhi is BUSTED with a few other words that would definitely be censored by the chat: