Next Civ to get reworked on

Ooh that means Dutch December and French February and Japanese June!

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REALLY NEED/WANT/WISH an Indian Rework. But going by the horrible / terrible track record of devs, this ain’t gonna happen very soon.

Apart from it, maybe some rework on Ports would be great!! as i have not seen a ports player in a long time, and a lil on Japan too maybe ?

IDK / cant say much about new civs, they just all need regular balance updates , but thats not a rework IMO.

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French is the most boring civ in AOE3 now.

Mod name?

Dutch, Ports and Ottos seems to me the more one sided. French are bland, but is the basic faction well rounded civ that doesn’t shine and can adapt.

I would thank Asian explorers skins to replace Indian and Japanese monks.

I’d expect india and japan changes soon considering all of the warchiefs civs are done and china has been done. That being said portugal need it first they are in a terrible state.


Get ports sorted. They are even ignored in recent patches.

Yo quiero ver a Rusia pero por la situación de seguro es la última, después de India :pleading_face:


Isn’t it weird that Portuguese is the ONLY European civ that doesn’t have any of the Age I resource trickle cards? They don’t get Colbertism, nor Distributivism, nor Capitalism.


Portugal, no questions, but why France though? They seem to be a fairly strong and popular civ. I am not saying that refreshing it is a bad idea, but I have trouble understanding why it should be next in line. I think there are worse off civs.


And specially new arquitecture, way more distinguishable from Europeans.

Hell, they could even have an Hagia Sophia or the Blue Mosque, through a card, kind of like Cathedrals.

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I don’t think it should be the next in-line, I’m just guessing that it will be. The devs started the european reworks with Britain and then Spain, my guess is that they are starting with western Europe first, and then moving to central and eastern Europe.

If I were to pick which civ I think needs it the most I would go:

  1. Portugal
  2. Germany
  3. Ottomans
  4. Netherlands
  5. Russia
  6. Malta
  7. France
  8. Sweden
  9. Italy

Personally, I think the updates should be:

  • 1st: Portuguese
  • 2nd: Dutch
  • 3rd: Indians
  • 4th: Ottomans
  • 5th: Japanese
  • 6th: Germans
  • 7th: Russians
  • 8th: French

Lol, I’ve noticed another weird thing: ever since DE was released, the Portuguese Artillery Hitpoints Card (that buffs Artillery’s Health by 15% and Grenade Troopers’ Health by an impressive 30%) went from being a TEAM card to a regular buff card, which means, since Portuguese can’t train Grenadiers by default, you either have to send the Grenade Launcher Card, play in a European map that has access to the House of Wettin or get lucky with the Mercenary roster at the Tavern (aka: get Giant Grenadiers) in order to reap the full benefits of this card. :rofl:


Portuguese if the next dlc is Brazil, Indians if the next dlc is Persia and Oman…

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The Peru revolution has infantry that can use this card too

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When is the next PUP up?

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After the Peacemaker event ends.

Not in the loop, when does that end?
Edit: nevermind check the patch notes. September 1st.

Is this confirmed? (20 chars)

No. Wishful thinking

Only it’s confirmed what it’s written on “What’s next on the horizon”, on the end of patch notes.