Next Civs - Cholas and Srivijayas?

They seem to be hinting Naval updates and also they have to keep their promise they made when they introduced Pseudo Persian Delhi.


This would pretty much be my biggest-wish AoE4 expansion, friend.
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Thanks for dragging this thread into your own agenda.

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You’ve got the right idea but I don’t think either of those specific civs fit the theme of AOE4. They are too early within the time frame of the game and their reign ended before the Ottomans’ even began, so it would be even stranger seeing them with guns and artillery than Mali. The devs seem to prefer empires that lasted into the 1500s at least. With this in mind, I think the most likely candidate for South India is the Vijayanagara Empire. Yes their start was quite late, in the 1300s, but just like the Ottomans early ages represent the Seljuks (as mentioned on the website and evidenced by one of their landmarks being a Seljuk Mosque), you could easily represent the early Vijayanagara Empire by one of the other Deccan kingdoms such as Hoysala or Pandyas (which defeated the Cholas), which merged to form the Vijayanagara. These would be especially relevant for AOE4 given their constant struggle with the Delhi Sultanate. The only potential issue with Vijayanagara is that there is some dispute as to their origin, and depending on the in game language they speak, it could cause controversy since it might indicate preference of one theory over another.

For the Malay archipelago, Majapahit would probably be the civilization of choice, having had a big focus on naval artillery and having been present until the 1500s. That being said, I don’t think we would see both these civs at one time and I suspect South India would get the nod given that it was already mentioned as a possible expansion civ. I also think Majapahit ranks lower than other Southeast Asian civs like Khmer because of its large focus on naval, which, despite any rework, will remain less popular (for example it doesn’t matter how much you rework navy when my computer struggles on water maps so for that reason I will continue to not play them regularly.)

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Oh I like the detailed analysis you made here.

If we are going for indochinese peninsula instead of Indonesia, personally I might prefer Ayuthayya over Khmer, because they will be asthetically more unique and fit better for the time period you explained. Majapahit from Indonesia will be even more unique and cover a larger region of diverse people.

As for Vijayanagar who cares about the origin history as long as they are in game. It matters only if they make campaign which I don’t think they are making.