Next civs?

Any idea when the next round of civs are coming out? Been about 8 months since we got knights of the Mediterranean


they said the next big patch will be spring, I’m guessing if you are looking for new factions that would likely be the time to do so.


There is no guarantee that the devs will continue making civilizations, but it looks like we will have a special event, maybe they will announce a re-work for all revolutions?


I dont want to see more and more civs…i think 21 civs are enough

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My kingdom for a Greek Revolution


It might be an unpopular opinion, but 21 civs is far more than enough for an asymetric RTS.

I don’t think adding more and more elements and factions to make the game more complex and more difficult to balance will make the game more fun, when the card system already pushed many potential players out. I can’t even remember the units of each civ. AoE3 needs more refinement and simplification IMO.

Considering the player base comparing AoE 2 and 4, I am already thankful that they continuously fix this great game.

Instead of more short-tern events, I would rather the team put their precious resources on paid DLC. I will be glad to spend 15 or even 20 USD for a new campaign pack or new buildings/units skins to support this game…


those who want more civs can just go for mods.In mods, they can get whatever they want.

We need more civs. There is so much untapped potential. You don’t need to play every civ, but I feel like many would like certain civs they are interested in represented. Balance be damned (to an extent), I’m here for the fun.


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So, most unlikely.

i dont think you should take that as an indicator of whether or not we get more civs. unless they say “no more civs”, then we cant make a statement they wont make more.

as for not wanting more civs, honestly i find that to be a sad position. AOE3 isnt that isometric as is, its not like startcraft or C&C where every faction is completely unique and plays a completely different game. every civ in AOE3 largely follows the same rules and most of the pieces are when it comes down to it coloured different from similar pieces. its rare we find factions with completely unique units.


While I’d like everyone to hold out hope for new civs, the developers are most likely under contract, I don’t think they can tell us things directly without permission from the owners of the company they work for.


This is a video game, the only thing that matters is that it is fun for the players. :+1:

that is the point. from what i learn, as there are already 22 civs and most of them largely different from each other, many new players complain that the content is too much and too complex to get started, not much fun they can get.

I would say european civs feel too similar…

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If fun means pvp then maybe.
But there is also pve. In that sense the more the better. And this game still has huge pve potentials.


Podrian hacerse algo más diferentes, pero no se por que hay gente que no le gustaria eso por ejemplo:

Los Italianos podrian Avanzar con ciudades estado: Las cuales Les otorgan Tecnologias y Unidades unicas

Los Alemanes podrian avanzar con Ducados y reinos alemanes: Haria lo mismo que las ciudades estado italianas

Los Holandeses Podrian Avanzar con politicos Monarquistas y republicanos (Los monarquistas estarian más centrados en lo militar y los republicanos en la economia dando tecnologias unicas tanto militares como economicas respectivamente)

Los Portugueses Podrian hacer que los politicos tuvieran tener bonus unicos y tener politicos nuevos tales como El principe Navegante (el cual mejora la velocidad de las carabelas un 15% y les aumenta el daño contra los barcos en un 0,7) o el Comerciante (el cual hace que las tecnologias economicas sean un 8% más efectivas y que la tasa de compra en los mercados sean un 15% mas favorables)

Los Españoles al igual que los portugues: politicos como el conquistador (el cual hace que los rodeleros tengan daño en area y un ligero bonus contra infanteria en general (x1,6) El infante de marina (provoca que los galeones y carabelas ganen daño adicional por cada piquero, rodelero y ballestero guarecido en ellos maximo 10 y aumenta el daño de en 20 (200 en total)

Los Franceses (Aun lo estoy pensando xd)

Los ingleses (Podrian avanzar con principes del reino unido asi como el principe gales, el escoses y asi aunque no se que tan correcto seria)

Los Malteses podrian avazar con
Los Rusos
Los Otomanos:
Los Suecos


-1. I’m with team more civs especially AOE 3 DE didn’t cover Polynesia yet and lots of major powers such as Persia and Siam are missing. I’m still looking forward to more civs and new game modes.


English and Dutch could have a similar style of politicians with royalist/parliamentarians (Roundhead/Cavalier) at least for age 2. Both Dutch and English could also have a merchant politician to represent their East India Companies (maybe even with substantial effects like swapping musks for sepoys).

France could have politicians like “The Cardinal” or “The Dauphin”.

Lakota and Iroquois could have representatives of different tribes and European allies as politicians.

But some of these changes could be quite substantial and would maybe be better for a successor game.

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Cherto de hecho no alcanze a escribirlo pero los malteses avanzarian con paises que apoyaron a la orden algo asi como las alianzas que tienen los africanos: Como por ejemplo el reino de Hungria, España, Inglaterra o Francia, y si quizas podrian ser para un juego sucesor, pero mucho me temo que las posibilidades de ello son bajas buen señor

The British could start with the choice with either the English or Scottish with their own nuances (Scottish Crofts instead of English Manors which give sheep upon construction and maybe a better focus on livestock)but shared gameplay structure (i.e fairly conservative unit roster), before uniting under one banner as the British in the Fortress Age (united in 1707).

The main differences are explorer, Age I to II shipments (such as Covenanter unit shipments for Scots) and units (Scots don’t get Longbows, rather Highland Targeteers - Claymore broadsword and Targe (buckler)). From the Fortress Age onwards they amalgamate into the current civ with some later age shipments/church techs having a nod to the differences like a Jacobite Uprising depending on starting civ / route (i.e. this could just be a ‘Home Nation’ button)


Suena bastante bien los otomanos por otro lado podrian avanzar con mienbros del consejo imperial y los rusos podrian tener politicos como el Zar cruel el cual mejora los oprichnik o inclusive el mariscal de artilleria, el cual podria mejorar el daño de los morteros y hacerlo atacar unidades de tierra