Next DLC - consideration

I believe they will eventually release Caucasian civs with a new architecture set.
If they will continue releasing new DLCs ofc.


Kinda offtopic but I always found it so weird that Ethiopian arent middle eastern it makes more sense to put Berbers with the western African architecture than putting them there.

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unofficial Apranik one was fire btw

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If we get only two European DLCs and thats all it will really feel like such an stupid market driven move


For America, I think 2-3 DLCs would be the best solution:

  1. Muisca & Chimu
  2. Mississippian & Mapuche
  3. Puebloans & Tarascan / or Olmec

This would be amazing.


Or finally make a big DLC ​​for AoE2 DE:
Christian Warriors DLC - Serbo-Croatians, Romanians, Georgians and Armenians + Balkan (or Black Sea) Architecture style for all this civs and Byzantines and Bulgarians.

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i think BBC in front of the bridge is kinda new UU or maybe Elite BBC which is going to be availavle for some civs. ‘‘FASCINATING cant wait !!!’’


Yeahhh thats gonna be cool if they added some more UU for other civs as well. These Teutonic Heavy Cav. looks awesome !


It’s the Houfnice, a powerful upgrade to the Bombard Cannon.


Georgians and Armenians in a Caucasus expansion


I think its pointless to have both of them if they end up being two cavalry, monk and defensive civs with good economies.

I lean towards 1 or even 2 African DLCs first (East/West). Than South Asia (india/Siam). We could visit South America again, too. Caucasus (Armenia/Georgia) I also want to see at some point.

If we dont get more civs in Europe Im fine but as I said it in the other topic If we go to Europe again an Adriatic DLC with Serbs and Venetians is the best option for me left.

With Poles and Bohemians added Serbs/Swiss take the crown as most relevant civs in Europe not in the game yet if you dont count them represented by other factions already in. Vlachs and Fins dont make the cut for me as significant civ option in the time period. Croats are also an option in such DLC but I think Venice is a huge thing for medieval history and similarly to the sicilians it can also be viewed separately from Italy in this period. Thats why I feel Serbs + Venice would be a great bet.


I don’t really care which DLC they would add after the Dawn of the Dukes, but I just hope it to be outside of Europe, cause Europe is already saturated with civs, yet other regions are still rather empty.


There are three potential courses:

(A) They continue with the final European civilizations and then move to Asia or Africa, or
(B) They move to Asia right after Dawn of the Dukes, then Africa. (most likely)
(C) They move to Africa and then Asia.

My preference could be to finish up Europe and then move to Asia and Africa. So it would look like:

Lords of the Balkans - Serbocroats and Vlachs
Lords of the Caucasus - Georgians and Armenians
Lords of India - Bengalis and Dravidians (maybe Hindu civ as well)
Lords of the Mountains - Tibetans and Afghans
Lords of Asia - Jurchen and Thai
Lords of Africa - Kanem and Congo (or Bantu umbrella civ)
Lords of the Americas - Chimu and Mapuche


They won’t add Georgians because it will confuse Americans thinking it’s refering to the place next to Alabama and Florida


Although the theme of the previous DLC was Western Europe, only the Battle of Burgundy and Britain was Western European content, while Sicily was Southern European civilization.

This time the theme is Eastern Europe, but Bohemia is the civilization of Central Europe.

If there is a Southern European theme DLC in the future, will it be Venice and Romania? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As for the Central European theme DLC, will it be Schwabenn in Barbarossa, and the other civilization in Norway in Northern Europe? (funny)

In the Nordic DLC, is it Denmark and Kievan Rus? :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

So funny

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this would be teh best

Why should they go finish Europe first? Like seriously, havent we got enough Euro civs in a row?


Here’s my take on potential new DLCs

Horse lords of the East: Jurchens and Tanguts, and their respective campaigns plus a Chinese campaign

Lords of Silk and Spice: Chams, Siamese, and Tamils, and their respective campaigns

Legends of Africa: Kanembu, Swahili, and Congolese

Mountain Kingdoms: Georgians and Armenians

Tales of the Turtle Island: Anasazi, Mississippians, and Iroquois

Andean Spirits: Chimu and Muisca (or Mapuche)

And also new terrains, new maps, new buildings, and new scenario editor units. I could imagine a new scenario editor building called Asian hill fort for instance (where my user name comes from), it’s smaller and weaker than a castle a bit similar to a Krepost, but unlike Krepost it can only be built or placed on elevated terrains. And also there could be a new scenario editor unit called Firelancer, appearing in Jurchen and Chinese campaigns.