Next DLC

Based on the forum, I tried to organize the most requested civilizations as DLCs. if I left something out, I hope I can edit the poll.

  • Byzantium+Japan
  • Byzantium+Viking
  • Byzantium+Venice
  • Byzantium+Bulgaria
  • Japan+Khmer
  • Japan+Korea
  • Spain+Portugal
  • Spain+Moors
  • Portugal+Moors
  • Chola+Khmer
  • Chola+Chalukya dynasty
  • Byzantium+Persia

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If they added two civs for free, this gives me hope that the paid DLC civs could be up to a total of three.


Based on yesterday’s announcement, they will add Vikings and some Pechenegs, or Volga Bulgars :rofl:

Deciding between Japan and Vikings is hard. Obviously, Byzantium though.


All I want to see are the Spanish tercios, not sure how relic can implement them as they are basically 3 units fighting in formation though.


I am quite sad that these civs are not paid DLC-s. Even 5$ better than free civs. I think this plan is not good for the game in long term. There is 0 profit in it atm. I hope they will add skins or something that can be bought.

This game is has a very good core, it just needs long-term support, but that won’t work without money.

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Byzantium/ Portugal is my guess, due to the factions just added.

Many weebs want to add the Japanese while there are so many more interesting civs out there that actually conquered and interracted with many civs.

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Poland-lithuania please


this is not final list it is just for next DLC so i listed only high priority civs,i can not change poll after 180 mins sorry

Your will like than DLC launched since 3 month until 6 month ? What more time was you would be willing wait?

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Poll cannot be considered complete if you don’t even mention some Precolumbian civs even though they’ve been in almost every Age game so far.

Skins would be only good if they came in a PACK (campaigns + skins), not sold separetely.

Second DLC not complite civ poll

Byzantines are a must. Nords and japanese should totally come to the game, too, but adding ottomans and not byzantines feels like a kick in the balls to any medieval fan. I always craved for a pack of byzantines + turks/ottomans and the fall of Constantinople as a campaign or scenario…