Next Monk - shortcut - why not?

Hi, i just wanted to say that some civs specialize in monks, but using them in combat is very hard. You have to have groups numbers and go pressing the numbers and giving orders, very crazy.
But sometimes you just want to find a monk, either to heal or to grab a relic.
But why can’t you just press something like “[” or ALT+M and go to the nearest monk? And go passing each monk? Even if they are not idle.
This could also be handy in combat, by going to the next monk with easy and commanding to convert.
I mean… why not?


That sounds pretty reasonable to me. It might encourage monks to be used more at lower elos and in the lategame.

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the main thing i would like is to be able to see monk faith levels without hovering over them. should be just visible just under the health bar and toggleable in the same menu

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